5 Loving Ways to Include your Mother at the Wedding | Moffitt Oaks

Sure, it’s your day, but honoring your mother at the wedding will add that extra-special touch.  By including some of these ideas, or some of your own, she will be over the moon with love and laughter. 

1.  Acknowledge Traditions Important to Her

Incorporate your family heritage into your celebration. For example, during a Vietnamese tea ceremony, it is traditional for the mother-in-law to gift her future daughter-in-law something special.

2.  Work As a Team

Bond with your mother before the wedding by assembling something for the guests.  For example, you could assemble tiny sachets of lavender for guests to toss as the newlyweds walked back up the aisle.

3.  Hold her Close

4.  Curate a Family Tree

Using Polaroids and tags, you can hang old photographs of relatives to create a real-life ancestral tree, remembering those who came before you, including mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. 

5.  Leave Her a Sweet Note

To keep tears at bay, you can give your mom a handkerchief before the ceremony embroidered with a special message from daughter to mother.


We always love to see how ecstatic mothers are while celebrating the bride & groom at Moffitt Oaks!

Mother at the Wedding

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