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All-Inclusive Wedding Package Houston

It’s a big decision – make sure it’s the right one!

Choosing the right all inclusive wedding package when planning your Houston wedding is a big decision. It is not only the base of all planning to come, it sets the tone for every decision you will make from this point forward. No pressure! We have the secrets to make sure you choose the right package to fit your needs.

1. Pick a Date!

Narrowing down your wedding date options with a bit of flexibility will give you a great starting point and will help narrow down your possible all-inclusive packages. Looking to have a winter wedding, narrow down your search to venues that have available dates in November, December and January. It’s even better if you can call and say “I’d like to get married in March 2017”. The key to this secret of choosing your all inclusive wedding package is allowing for flexibility within that chosen time span. Some all inclusive venues will have certain packages for morning, weekday or Sunday weddings that are separate from their popular Saturday packages. This will give you varying choices of cost and food.

2. Package Comparison

When comparing all inclusive package, be sure you are comparing appropriately. Weigh not only the price point but read closely to find out exactly what each package actually includes. While a package at one place may be more expensive, it may be that it includes more. Lay out the services in each package and decide what it is you really need out of a venue and choose a package that truly fits your needs.

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3. Know your guests

Knowing your audience will help tremendously when it comes to selecting the right all inclusive package for your wedding. Who are you inviting? Will they actually come? What do they like? If you’re inviting a party crowd, you’re going to want to choose a package with great bar and music options. Yes, your wedding is about you and the groom, but you want to keep your guests happy, too.

 People Show Up

You know that rule where they tell you to only account for a portion of your guest list to show up? This is still sound advice, but don’t invite 400 guests if your all-inclusive package only allows for 275 guests. People go out of their way to attend weddings. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and loved ones want to be there to celebrate. Don’t discount that when it comes to choosing your package, your guests may surprise you and RSVP for the whole family! If you really feel like you need to invite 400 people, be sure to choose a package that can accommodate that if need be.


4. The Secret is in the Sauce!

And that sauce is the wedding coordinator! Nearly all all inclusive wedding packages will include an in-house wedding coordinator – and if it doesn’t, consider hiring a planner. When it comes to choosing your package, how helpful is the coordinator? Do you feel they are trying to “sell” you more than they are trying to help you create the wedding of your dreams? Remember that your coordinator is part of your package and every package doesn’t fit every couple. Make sure your coordinator is one who fits you. Their style may not be yours, but it’s more than that. Assess your comfort level. Are they kind? Have they done everything they’ve said they will do up to this point? Are they easy to reach? You want a coordinator who will work well with you – you are leaving your day in their hands after all.

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All-Inclusive Wedding Package Houston

Choosing the right all inclusive package for your wedding is all about knowing the type of event you are trying to plan and doing your research. Your package should fit your needs so know ahead of time what your needs are or have an honest conversation with your coordinator who can help assess those needs and work with you to choose the right all-inclusive package.

Are you ready to begin your wedding planning? The expert event and wedding coordinators at Moffitt Oaks are ready to help you choose the right all inclusive package to fit your wedding needs.

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