All Inclusive Wedding Packages in Houston TX | How to Personalize Yours

How to make your wedding your own when it comes pre-packaged…

All-inclusive weddings are popular choices when it comes to modern day wedding planning. Many couples are choosing to go this route for the ease the packages can provide for the day of, as well as the effective, up front cost solution.

Many venues that offer all-inclusive packages have only a few selections for décor, centerpieces and menu items so our wedding insiders have given their best tips on how to personalize your package so that your day will reflect exactly who you are as individuals and as a newly married couple.

Wedding Planners’ Tips on Personalizing All Inclusive Wedding Packages

1.    Show your heritage!

ndrew Chan Photography ndrew Chan Photography

Take your all-inclusive package to the next level with a truly fun and unique way to show where you came from. Embrace your Scottish blood with bagpipe player or your Hispanic heritage with a mariachi band. Celebrate your Jewish lineage by dancing The Horah. Whatever your tradition is, bring it to your wedding day!

2.    Take a trip down memory lane

Set up photos of you, your groom and even your family and friends all throughout your day. Hang small frames with ribbon on the aisle chairs during the ceremony. Have a baby photo at the sign in table or place a few pictures of you and your best girls in the restroom. Surround the cake table with wedding photos of those whose marriages you admire: your parents, grandparents and even siblings.

3.    Write your own vows

Leah Brewer Photography Leah Brewer Photography

As simple as it sounds, this is the perfect way to make your ceremony truly yours. Express your love, commitment and devotion to one another in your own words.

4.    Choose your favors wisely

Favors are a great way to introduce your guests to who you are and who you will be as a new married couple. If you’re headed to Napa for your honeymoon, try giving out etched wine glasses or mini wine bottles with personalized labels. Hail from Arizona while your new spouse is from Texas? Give your guests a baby cactus with a yellow rose. Get creative with how you thank your guests and use that as an opportunity to shine!

5.    Dessert Bar

Leah Brewer Photography Leah Brewer Photography

Every wedding has a wedding cake, but take it up a notch with a unique spin on a personalized dessert bar. Meet at a coffee shop? Have a donut, pastry and coffee bar. Headed to Mexico for your honeymoon? Offer your guests a sopapilla bar. If you and your new spouse are nature lovers who enjoy a good camping trip, a s’mores bar is a fun addition for both adults and kids.

6.    Move to the beat of your own drum

Customize your ceremony music to reflect who you are. Sure, Here Comes The Bride is a beautiful, timeless piece of wedding music, but try walking down the aisle to a song that is significant to you and your groom. You know, that song that plays in his head every time he looks at you.

7.    Bring in something unexpected

Take something you are planning on having and giving it a new twist. For instance, are you planning a rustic wedding in the country or in a barn? Consider using hay bails as an outdoor seating option around a fire pit during your reception. Ice sculptures are often seen at weddings but let it take on a place of its own and use it to create a champagne bar.

8.    Signage

Christa Elyse Photography Christa Elyse Photography

Thanks to Pinterest, unique wedding signage has almost become the norm and it is such an easy way to add an additional personal touch to your wedding. Use an old glass window to scribble a sweet thank you note to your guests. Carve or paint pieces of wood pointing them in the direction of where each event will take place. Don’t be afraid to get extra creative and have fun!

This day will only happen once, be sure it reflects who you are as a couple. Take your all-inclusive wedding package, talk it over with your wedding planner and let them help you decide on the most fun and creative ways to make your day truly yours.

How would you most like to personalize your wedding day? Please share in the comments section below how you would love to personalize your wedding day. Do not want to give away your secrets yet? Then please share what you treasured at other weddings you attended.

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