All Inclusive Weddings in Houston Checklist: Part One

What to ask your potential wedding planner about all inclusive weddings in Houston

Congratulations! You are engaged and the fun is just beginning. Planning a wedding is no easy task and because of that, all-inclusive, turnkey weddings are all the rage in Houston.


All inclusive wedding venues are growing in popularity thanks mostly in part to the ease of planning and cost effectiveness they are able to provide. Knowing if a venue is right for you can be like choosing your forever home. It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful place, which most venues tend to be, but it’s even more important to find a venue with planners you can work with and the all-inclusive package that is up front and easy to read.

We’ve mentioned before the importance of touring the wedding venues at the top of your list but it’s also important to come equipped with questions. That’s what the event planners are there for (and love to do…), but knowing what to ask is often difficult and it’s easy to get swept up in the beauty and excitement of planning and the questions tend to slip away. 

Before signing the papers on your all inclusive wedding here in Houston, we’ve put together a series of questions you shouldn’t let go unanswered. 


Come prepared to your initial meeting with a list of a few available dates for your possible booking. All-inclusive venues tend to book quickly so being flexible will always make booking easier. While meeting, make sure you get a list of important dates from your coordinator:

  • When is your initial deposit due?
  • When do menu items need to be selected?
  • When is the final headcount to be turned in?
  • When is final payment due?

Be sure not to sign your contract until you get a list of essential dates.

What is the role of the event coordinator?

The event coordinator or wedding planner will be your go-to person for all things wedding day. Knowing what their role is, how long they will be there during the event and what they are responsible for or what they will delegate is essential so that you will know if you need more hands on deck and where those hands may be needed. Your coordinator is like the producer of this grand show and knowing exactly what their role is will help avoid any confusion and will help your day go as smoothly as possible.

What are the limitations?

Be sure you know exactly what the venue allows and what they do not.

Most all-inclusive venues will provide options for the things they cannot accommodate but be sure you know what your limitations are before you get too far into the planning process. Do they allow open flames? If not, what will the alternative to candle light be and can they provide it?

What is excluded?

All-inclusive wedding venues will most often times have a preferred vendor list, that’s part of what makes them all-inclusive, but be sure you know ahead of time what outside vendors you will be required to contact or provide.

What are the extras?

Many all-inclusive venues will provide extras that you may not even know about. For instance, Moffitt Oaks’ wedding planners will take it as far as booking your honeymoon!

Is there space to get ready?

Can the venue accommodate you, your groom and attendants to get ready before your big day? Do they have a bridal suite, a groom’s quarter and even junior suites? Can they accommodate you and your bridesmaids the evening before your wedding?  Traveling around in your wedding dress in the Houston heat can be brutal.

Finding a venue that provides a turnkey, all-inclusive wedding as well as a great getting-ready space is a major bonus.

Does anything we’ve seen on our tour cost extra?

This is tricky. All-inclusive event venues, especially in major cities like Houston, have to have options to suit everyone’s tastes and everyone’s needs – which are all so diverse! Some items come with the cost of booking your venue while others may be an extra charge. Many times a venue may charge more for fancy chairs or a more upgraded centerpiece. Be sure to find out ahead of time if that particular place setting you have your heart set on is an extra fee.

One more Question…

Would you have thought to ask these particular questions? What did we leave out that you must know from your potential all-inclusive venue? Be sure to check back for more in our series of must-ask questions that will be sure to help you feel you’ve secured the right all-inclusive venue in Houston.

Have you taken a look at Moffitt Oaks all-inclusive packages? Our wedding and event planners are happy to answer any questions you have and guide you on a complimentary, no-obligation required tour. Connect with us online to schedule your tour or call us now at 1.281.370.6616. 

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