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What to ask your potential wedding planner?

Wedding planning is always an exciting and overwhelming time. Going into planning meetings and event venue tours are always times for butterflies, but knowing what you’re potentially getting into will save you much time, energy, stress and money in the long run and will prevent you from getting roped into a contract you are uncomfortable with.

Our all inclusive wedding questions are sure to help guide you in your first conversation with your potential wedding planner.

1. What is the unique wedding you have planned?

The great thing about having an all inclusive event venue with an in-house wedding planner is the number of weddings they have handled at that specific venue. If you are looking to pull off something really unique and different, something outside the cookie cutter wedding, asking about the details of previous weddings will give you an idea of your planner’s taste, style, creativity and capabilities.

2. What are our options for food?

This is important to ask up front when planning your all inclusive wedding because you want to make sure you are feeding your guests something you would like. If you don’t like pasta, an Italian buffet probably isn’t your best bet. Make sure your food selection not only reflects your event but that it is something you would actually want to eat. Many brides forget to eat in the haste of the day – don’t let that be you!

All Inclusive Weddings in Houston

3. Will we get a food tasting with our package?

Not every all-inclusive venue will offer a food tasting. If this is something that is important to you, be sure to ask up front if a menu tasting is in the all inclusive package you are planning.

4. What is the average cost of a wedding our size?

This may not be a down to the penny cost estimate, but the average amount of what a bride spends on a wedding for 150 guests could give you an idea of what you might be spending. Some brides will choose to spend more money on photography while others will spend more on flowers. Some brides have an open checkbook. If you can get an idea or estimate of what you’re looking at spending, this will help you manage other areas of your budget.

All Inclusive Weddings in Houston

5. Can you accommodate this specific request?

Are you going into this knowing you have a specific concern? A dietary allergy? A parent or grandparent needing handicapped access? Make sure you mention this in your initial meeting and ask your potential coordinator if they can accommodate your need. If they cannot, they are likely not the venue for you. Many all inclusive venues will work to accommodate your needs thanks to their in-house teams, so don’t be afraid to mention your needs ahead of time.

Checklist for all inclusive weddings in Houston

Going into a meeting prepared is always a smart idea. When you are touring, preparing and making decisions on your all inclusive venue and wedding package in Houston, it is important to go in prepared with a checklist.

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