Choosing the Best All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Houston

How to know which all inclusive wedding venues in Houston is the right choice for your wedding?

Location, location, location! Choosing a wedding venue is the step that kicks it all off! Once you decide on your all inclusive wedding venues in Houston, the rest of your day will begin to fall in place. But choosing the venue is not an easy thing to do, and there is much more that goes into the venue than just charm and aesthetics.

What does the venue offer? Can they meet your needs?

Special Requirements

A major draw for all inclusive weddings in Houston is that you can often have the entire event, from ceremony to reception, in the same location. The thing to consider is if the venue will play a good hostess to you and your guests. Do you need shuttle service? Or handicapped assistance? Will they create a special menu for your dietary needs? You are hosting your closest family and friends for this once in a lifetime gathering, do you trust the venue and venue coordinator to co-host?

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Houston

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Houston

Lacking Help?

Houston is a mecca of business…. meaning a lot of busy people! One of the biggest benefits of working with an all inclusive venue is that it will come equipped with a staff. From coordination to clean-up, this is all included – this is one of the main reasons to choose an all inclusive. An all inclusive venue is ideal for brides and grooms who want to be involved in all of the decision-making, but will leave someone else to handle the details that go into bringing those decisions and vision to life.

Bridal Ballin’ on a Budget

Planning a wedding in Houston often brings to mind ideas of hefty spending. Houston is a major, booming, beautiful city and offers brides-to-be a range of style choices, venue options and professional help. However, many brides and grooms fear the idea of an all inclusive wedding venue thinking it will cost more. But backyard BBQ doesn’t always mean budget-friendly. Things add up quickly so often-times, going with an all inclusive venue is a great option for brides who need to watch the budget closely. The great thing about an all inclusive wedding venue is that your costs are up front. Many times, you can just scan the website and get a general idea of what your wedding will cost.

Rapport and Relationship

By now, you have toured several venues. We hope that you don’t decide on a venue without visiting, at least, a few. You will know the right venue by the coordinator. Is this someone you can work with for several months? Are you comfortable with their planning, budgeting and communicating capabilities? It’s important that you can truly place your event in the hands of someone you know will return your calls and emails. If it takes you five phone calls and emails to get a call back to schedule a tour, this may not be the venue for you. But if you get a call or email back within a day, you know they will be willing to work for you. This shouldn’t be the deciding factor in choosing your venue, but you’ll know the right venue when you find one that fits your needs and has a coordinator you can connect with.


You’ve read our blog on questions to ask, and hopefully done your research. You’ve started a relationship, you love the look of the venue, it’s in your budget, and they have all the resources you need, but is it up to par with the other places you’ve visited?

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Houston

How is the quality of food? Does your coordinator have experience or will they be shadowing someone with experience? You sure don’t want to be someone’s first wedding. Make sure that you don’t fall in love with a place based solely on looks or just on the coordinator alone. Remember, this isn’t a free event, you get what you pay for so make sure what you pay for is good.

Choosing the venue is more than just a feeling. Just like falling in love, it takes work. It takes getting to know the place and what it can offer you.

What is the most important thing a venue can offer you? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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