Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake for Your Barn Wedding

If you’re planning a barn wedding, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect rustic wedding cake!

Choosing your wedding cake can be one of the most fun, and definitely the most delicious parts of wedding planning. There are so many options and directions, knowing how to choose your cake or which bakery to partner with can be difficult. But rest assured, Moffitt Oaks’ full-service, all-inclusive wedding planners have you covered. They have all the fine points figured out and are happy to share!


  1. Choosing The Bakery

  • Begin with real research. If your Houston barn venue is all-inclusive, they will likely be able to provide some guidance that can lead you to a few of the top bakeries in the area. You will likely want to find a bakery that has experience with barn-style weddings, so they have an idea of designs to present to you. And, as always, read their reviews.
  • Be honest about your budget. Wedding cakes are far costlier that many brides imagine and often result in sticker shock to the unprepared. Cakes are priced by the slice, so it’s good to go into your initial appointment knowing about how many guests you are expecting.
  • Taste test! You will be paying a pretty penny for this cake so make sure it’s something you like. Taste several flavors of cake, taste your icing options, taste anything they may decide to add to your cake. Then, taste the final product.
  • Start planning early. Once you choose your colors, settle on your barn venue and the number of guests, it’s a good idea to start meeting potential bakers. You will want to be sure the bakery isn’t already overwhelmed with orders on your wedding day and that they can fit your needs into their calendar. The more time you give yourself, the less rushed you will feel to choose your flavors and design.
  1. The Design

Gone are the days of brides automatically choosing a 4-tier solid white wedding cake. Brides these days are producing show-stopping, attention-grabbing cakes – and we love it! The great thing about a barn wedding is that it provides a style that is easily laid back or one that you can add glam to, and it’s a blank slate for you to truly personalize your wedding!

  • Online research – the first step in doing your design exploration. We always suggest you start by searching online for a design and style you think best fits your personalities. Look on Pinterest and read your favorite wedding blogs. Get together your top few ideas to bring for a bid to your bakery. Can’t decide on just one cake? Look at your top few favorites and talk through your favorite parts of those cakes with your baker and try to create a truly custom design.
  • Fuse your wedding theme into your cake design. “Barn wedding” is more than a theme. It’s the underlying style of the day and can have many different themes incorporated into it. We love how Moffit Oaks bride Tracey Woellert selected a mostly traditional cake but put the perfect spin on it so that her cake would show off her winter theme. Topped like a gift, her beautiful blue color pallet and surrounded by Christmas lights, her cake was truly a work of detail, design and beauty.

Wedding_cakes_2.jpg Wedding_Cakes_3.jpg

  • Be yourself. This is YOUR day! It’s all about you and we love when a wedding is so planned down to the details that you can see the bride and groom’s trademark all throughout the day. We love the simple whimsy and chic romance behind Brittany Potts’ cake. It gives guests a glimpse of her style, but is still perfectly suited for her outdoor ceremony and barn reception.
  • Get creative. Don’t be afraid to put your own twist on a traditional cake. Add a minor touch of color or choose your two favorite designs and incorporate them both into your cake.
  • Go all out! A barn wedding is the perfect slate for a truly personalized day, so let your cake be unique, colorful and different. Don’t be afraid to make it a statement piece. You will be paying a pretty penny on this delectable dessert, so make it something your guests will go out of their way to take a peek at. We love how Lauren and Matt used their cakes to showcase their personalities, wedding colors and style, and both cakes fit so perfectly into their barn wedding.


Whatever you go with in the end, be sure that the bakery you sign with is one you know gets your style and vision. Bakers are artists in their own right and can design some of the most amazing creations, just be sure it’s what you’re hoping for and that it fits your budget.

So tell us, what is your favorite flavor cake to eat at weddings? Would you go for traditional white, or all out color? Leave us a comment.

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