Choosing the Right Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events in Houston

Organized, enjoyable, meaningful corporate events do more than simply provide a bit of leisure time. They demonstrate appreciation for employees. They offer a space within which new collaborative friendships can develop, team building facets can emerge and workers can re-energize.


Several entertainment options can support this worthy goal; however, lackluster entertainment is the cardinal sin of corporate events.  The easiest way to breed resentment in the workplace is to have employees feel their time is not valued. Requiring them to attend an unorganized, unproductive or boring event saps the energy from an office faster than you can boot up your computer. Choose quality entertainment options that raise optimism and boost positivity.


Laughter really is the best medicine. Imagine what a hefty dose can do for an office with a classic case of Don’t-want-to-work-itis. Corporate events comedians refrain from racier material for an office-friendly vibe.

Audience participation improv shows are another great way to amp up the laugh factor. Teambuilding and confidence boosting abounds when worker bees step outside their cubicle and grab hold of the spotlight.

“Minute to Win It” games can be incorporated into any corporate meeting for instant comic relief.

Try “Cookie Face,” a silly activity where players place a cookie on their forehead, then have one minute to get it into their mouths without using their hands.

An all-time crowd-pleaser is “Junk in the Trunk,” where players strap a small tissue box filled only with ping pong balls to their waist, then spend a minute shaking and dancing to try to get as many balls out as possible. Guaranteed belly laughs.

Bring on the Band

Stevie Wonder crooned, “Music is a world within itself. With a language we all understand.”

Any party planner worth her salt knows that music sets the tone and eases communication at corporate events. When choosing musical acts, consider the time of day and time of year. If summer, a fun steel drum band would fit the bill. If winter, a classic Motown set would bring warmth and nostalgia. Hire a sophisticated pianist or strings trio to add elegance and class to a cocktail party or luncheon. Or bring in a boot stompin’ big ol’ band to encourage corporate events guests to shake their groove thang.  However you play it, the addition of quality live music amps up the success rate of corporate events.

Be the Band

Bust a jam at your corporate events. With today’s internet-synced TVs, group karaoke is easy as pie. Simply play the karaoke version of the requested song on YouTube or your flatscreen.  The YouTube karaoke songs include the words for each popular tune. The employee with the mic can lead the song, but anyone can join in!

iPad Caricaturist

The flip pad and Sharpie street artist has gone the way of the dodo. Today’s corporate events artists implement technology to create hilarious caricatures that can instantly be emailed, shared via social media, merged with another caricature or even printed. The iPad caricaturist can float around the party or have a standing booth. Either way, fun abounds and guests receive a keepsake

Let Us Entertain You with Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event in Houston…

Bringing quality entertainment ideas to your corporate events in Houston demonstrates appreciation for employees.

New friendships emerge, positivity abounds and cooperation can skyrocket. Industry experts agree that the post-corporate events worker production level increase justifies the investment in solid entertainment options. Fortunately, you don’t have to call all the shots. We present clients with a list of tailored ideas based on their needs for a winning event.

As a premier events venue, Moffitt Oaks has the facilities to accommodate your event as well as experienced event staff to assist with your event planning and management.

Just 45 minutes from Houston, we offer all the amenities needed to have a successful corporate event. For more information, please contact us at 1.281.370.6616 or schedule a private tour with our expert event coordinators.

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