Eclectic Wedding Decorations

It’s time to start planning your wedding. But what’s it going to look like? The options are endless, so narrowing down a style that suits your fancy will get you started. There’s one problem, though. You don’t have an all-out favorite. Maybe you like a little from the formal style for example, and a little from the rustic style, yet you want the whole thing to be elegant. Or, you think outside-the-box and are excited to make use of your creative flair, but your fiancé is picturing something much more traditional. What do you do?


First, stop fretting because we have the answer: throw an eclectic wedding! Yes, that’s a style, and it opens you to all sorts of possibilities. Eclectic is defined as: “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” So it makes sense to weave in some of your style with some from that of your main squeeze. When it comes down to it, you can combine any style you want, and tie it all together with eclectic wedding decorations that create the mood you’re looking for.

If you have a wedding coordinator, you can tell him/her what you’ve settled on as your style and select colors to infuse into your big day. If you’re going to do all of the designing and planning on your own, you’ll be able to find eclectic wedding decorations from many sources.

  • Scan bridal magazines and tear out pages that exhibit a look that pleases you, or an item you like (provided the magazines belong to you).
  • Put key words such as, unique or eclectic wedding decorations into the search engine on your computer and bookmark the pages.
  • Go into Etsy to see what artisans list for sale.
  • Join Pinterest for tips on DIY (Do It Yourself) décor inspiration.

Now, let’s think about your special event in more detail. Eclectic style is not subtle or understated. It’s bold and colorful, and lends itself to shapes or patterns, and elements that are different from the norm.

For the Ceremony:

An eclectic wedding can be held anywhere: indoors, outdoors, in a church, in a ballroom, on the beach, or in a barn. The eclectic wedding decorations you choose serve to enhance the setting. Draw in your guests and capture their attention right away with colorful bouquets adorning the ends of the pews, whimsical balloons placed along the aisle, or arrange rows of chairs in different colors and styles that set the mood for a fun, festive affair.

While we’re on the subject of making a grand entrance, why wear a traditional plain white wedding dress when you can let your personality shine through with a gown that will surprise and delight those who came to celebrate you and your partner? Skip the wedding march, and play something like Vitamin String Quartet’s Can’t Help Falling In Love as you stroll down the aisle in your very modern, floor length black and white striped masterpiece. And to carry off the eclectic theme even further, finish your ensemble with the traditional, flowing veil.

Eclectic wedding decorations

For the Reception:

Welcome your invitees to an event they’ll remember, a party with personality and charm. Allow the bold beautiful flowers you introduced in the ceremony to decorate the table tops at the reception. Play with shapes and sizes of vases and varieties of floral arrangements and then display them throughout.

Get your guests in the festive spirit while they wait for the wedding party to finish pictures with the photographer, by offering a signature drink for them to enjoy as they mingle.

Guide them around the room with tables decorated in eclectic fashion. You can display photos of your time together, leading up to this day of your marriage. And consider forgoing the traditional guest book by asking your loved ones to leave messages in a bottle for you to read later or even at future anniversaries. This allows them to get sentimental and creative as they put thought into the well wishes or words of wisdom they’d like to share.

Eclectic wedding decorations

Many couples decide to incorporate a little fun and games into their wedding day, by providing a photo booth of sorts and props so that their friends and relatives can have a moment in the spotlight. If you have someone to print up photos on the premises, then they have a souvenir take home as well.

Did you know that you can find eclectic wedding decorations that can add the tiniest of details and complete a table setting just for the two of you? So, when it comes time for your sit-down dinner, instead of using silverware provided by the venue, you can opt for keepsake utensils, personalized and tied with a bow to match your décor.

Eclectic Wedding Decorations

Besides the meal planning and room decorations, a lot of thought goes into selecting the wedding cake. You could go traditional white and accessorize with fun cake toppers or offer a dessert bar of various sweets to the delight of everyone. Or you can create an art piece with an elegant cake designed with your vibrant colors and unique style. It’s almost a shame to cut into it, but what a fabulous way to finish off the celebratory meal.

Eclectic Wedding Decorations

Once you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy dancing and visiting with those who gathered for your big day, the time comes to say good-bye and officially start your life as newlyweds. After a party such as yours, it wouldn’t seem fitting to simply shake hands with guests as they leave, sneak away quietly, or even exit dodging flying handfuls of rice. So why not finish the event by making a spectacle, a glorious flickering, mildly explosive one, as you run hand in hand through a row of swirling sparklers?


Eclectic Wedding Decorations

Congratulations to the happy couple; wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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