Five Tips to Choosing the Right Rustic Wedding Venue

Every bride dreams of a beautiful, enchanting wedding day that flows seamlessly, full of happy memories for decades to come.

Key to making that wish come true is having a wedding venue that fits the mold. The style that suits you and your fiancé is rustic-chic; you begin to imagine what it looks like around you as you recite your vows – the ambiance, the colors and decorations, and even party favors.  As you build your guest list in your mind, you picture them mingling with drinks in hand, comfortable and happy, embracing the celebratory mood. It’s perfect.


This dream can come true with a little preparation and some tips on what to consider before you select your wedding site. Maggie Lord, of, who also writes columns for Huffington Post, lists several important rules for booking the right wedding venue.

Among them are:

  • Will it fit my guest list?
  • Does the venue fit the rustic style?
  • Is it a full service venue?
  • Is the location what we want for us and our guests? and how close are overnight accommodations?
  • What will it look like at the time we want our ceremony/reception?

Keeping these five in mind, let’s discuss each one as it pertains to your rustic wedding venue.

  1. Will it fit my guest list?

A rustic wedding can be planned for many different types of venues; most popular being the countryside farm or ranch, a gorgeous landscaped garden, lakeside, or in a barn. If the ceremony and reception are both to be outside, the number on your guest list is only limited by the area in which you will seat everyone, or place a dancefloor, the food and bar. Expansive outdoor spaces can provide you the ability to send out more invitations. Take into account the usable space, and take note of any limitations it may pose for mobility – consider the events planned for your party as well as guests who may need special arrangements, such as those in wheelchairs – or the need to get to a convenient restroom.

A barn or enclosed building will have a maximum number of occupants, so find that number out as soon you visit, and search for larger barns if you have a bigger crowd. Many places fit the description for rustic wedding venues, but if Texas is where your heart is, Moffitt Oaks can accommodate small and intimate gatherings, up to 300 party goers.

  1. Does the venue fit the rustic style?


You have in mind the scene you want to set for your big day. As you visit the venues on your list, really look around to see if this particular setting will suit your style. Perhaps it already is removed from the city, and of rustic design. Is it casual enough for a western theme, for example? Or can it be dressed up for a more countryside chic, romantic theme? Ask the event coordinator for a gallery of photos from previous events. It will help you envision YOUR celebration and perhaps give you some décor ideas you hadn’t yet thought of.  If the venue doesn’t have the same lighting you’re picturing while you’re there, ask if they allow the addition of candles, lamps, etc. for weddings. At Moffitt Oaks, you are surrounded by gorgeous scenery which also becomes a stunning backdrop for beautiful photographs.  

Stroll through the landscaped gardens, take in the panoramic views, or choose to exchange vows next to one of the two beautiful lakes on site. Within the property are several outdoor ceremony locations that will take your breath away, as well as a large horse stable that has been converted into a spacious barn venue. Others decide to gather around the southwestern cantina, or move into the stunning Tuscan inspired grand ballroom, bringing glamour to the rustic countryside. From casual to elegant, or somewhere in-between, Moffitt Oaks can suit your style.

  1. Is it a full service venue?

When looking for rustic wedding venues, you need to consider how much of the organizing and managing of your affair you would like to do. If you are someone who wants to make all of the decisions down to what color linens for the tables, and hire your own photographer, videographer, DJ or band, you may not need a full service venue. But also take a look at the amenities of each location. Sometimes a venue is categorized as “rustic” because it is in a remote location that can be difficult to get to, especially when inviting a larger group, or may not have access to electricity, or bathrooms.  You may decide you’d like help from a professional event coordinator who is familiar with the site and can advise you of local caterers, or handle the menu for you, and has access to other vendors you want to hire for the event. Moffitt Oaks has a knowledgeable staff on hand to answer all of your questions, meet your needs, and offers several wedding packages to allow you to keep things simple, or go larger scale and take advantage of the ability to have every last detail (including arranging for parking attendants) managed by a pro.

  1. Is the location going to accommodate all of our guests? and how close are overnight accommodations?

If you’re having an intimate gathering, with a healthy, active group, then selecting a remote venue in the midst of a beautiful field, on a hillside, or on the banks of a babbling brook may bring you the wedding day of your dreams. However, if you plan to invite anyone with mobility issues, or older friends and relatives for whom hiking down to the river will be difficult or dangerous, then you may need to settle on a more convenient site.

Also remember to think about overnight accommodations. You and your bridal party may want to be close to the venue the day before the celebration, and/or stay nearby afterward. Guests who are coming from out of town will appreciate lodging that does not require much added time to their trip. Our premier event venues, while having the feel of being completely removed from the hustle and bustle of a large city, are only 45 minutes outside of Houston and an international airport. On site, there is a bridal suite, groom’s quarters, and 3 junior suites available to rent the day before the wedding, and several hotels conveniently located nearby for guests.

  1. What will it look like at the time we want our ceremony/reception?

It’s important to remember that how a locale appears today may not be the same on your dream day.

Seasons change, weather changes, and if you visit a location during the day, but your whole event take place late evening, you may end up with a few surprises to contend with at the last minute:

  • Will it be too cold at that time of year to have an outdoor ceremony?
  • Will it be rainy season with no shelter in sight?
  • Are you envisioning twinkling lights and romantic candlelight dinner, but the party will be over before dark?

Knowing your wedding date and time, then choosing a venue that will fulfill your needs can determine the happy ending to the most important day of your life. Therefore we welcome you to schedule a tour of our property during the same time-frame you plan to have your party. When you can see in person exactly what your rustic wedding venue looks like, you’ll leave imagining even more vividly how your dream day will unfold.

Have any questions to ask or items to discuss with a wedding planner. Do not hesitate to call as now 1.281.370.6616 or schedule a private tour with one of our expert wedding planners.

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