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You’ve been tasked with planning your corporate events in Houston and though you’re probably the best suited person for the job, that doesn’t make it any easier.

Even when you have a good idea of what needs to be done, making sure it all happens at the right time, right place, and the right price is still a very stressful process.

Enter professional event planners. Professional event planners have done it before, multiple of times. They have the knowledge, connections, and experience to help you pull off your corporate events. After all, they do this for a living. You provide the basics and they’ll help fill in the details.

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Consider these reasons for using event planners. 

Budget Planning and Cost

Corporate events often run over budget because of unexpected costs and last minute items. Event planners know where to spend money. They can help you to create a realistic outline of your expenditures and then assist to ensure you stay within budget.
Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking hiring event planners for corporate events are an unnecessary expense. They actually help keep costs down in several ways.
1.    When it comes to event planning, the “devil is in the detail.” Experienced event planners make sure events are planned in detail and nothing has to be shipped in at the last moment.
2.    Their vendor relationships guarantee discounts you wouldn’t get on your own.
3.    They help to avoid costly impulse purchases such as gourmet foods and extra party favors.
4.    With their experience they can more accurately predict turnout and order food and drink accordingly, significantly saving on catering costs.
5.    As the central contact, they monitor and manage purchases and expenses, avoiding the “helpful” colleagues who buy items that’s not on the checklist.

Venue, Theme, and Checklists

You know basically what you want – you’re doing a holiday party, product debut, strategic planning session, training workshop, employee picnic, or customer appreciation event. You’ll need to figure out where and when to have it – that means research, phone calls and follow up, and maybe more research and phone calls. And that’s just the venue…
Event planners in Houston know what venues work for what corporate events. They have an arsenal of theme ideas AND a starting array of checklists of what you’ll need, including:
•    Invitations
•    Transport
•    Entertainment
•    Decorations
•    Food
•    Drink
•    Audio/visual equipment
•    Internet connections
•    White boards
•    Notepads
•    Take away gifts
•    Door prizes
•    Game prizes
•    And so much more…
By using their expertise you can ensure your checklist is complete and that you stay within your budget.

Logistics and Vendor Management

Whether it’s big and lavish or downscale and rustic, managing the logistics and vendors for your corporate events can be the biggest strain of the job. You’ve got the theme, the catering, the guest list, and the entertainment planned and now you need to pull it all together.
Your event planner has existing relationships with most, if not all the vendors in Houston for your event. They will gladly handle the logistics and make sure you have a successful event. A few areas their expertise could surely make a difference include:
•    Negotiating with local vendors
•    Knowing where to source unique items
•    Arranging and managing transportation for the guests
•    Receiving and managing deliveries and setup
•    Monitoring activities during the event
•    Attend to questions and incidents during the event
•    Making sure the event runs and shuts down on schedule

A word of caution regarding your events in Houston; living and working in one of the biggest cities in the world means transportation could be an issue. If you want to help out of state attendees to get to and from your corporate events without any delays, make sure you share attendees traveling arrangements with your event planner. They know the ins and outs of traveling around Houston and can guide you in the best solution.

Your Time

Possibly the biggest benefit of using event planners is your time. Planning corporate events can take months, and the actual time spent can be hundreds of hours. By using event planners the time you spend is greatly minimized, allowing you to continue doing your actual job.

Complimentary Consultation and Tour

Moffitt Oaks is a premier event destination in Houston TX and our professional event planners have extensive expertise in helping clients plan and execute their events.

Select from our themed all-inclusive packages or contact us for a complimentary consultation to start the conversation about your next corporate event. Even better, call us now for a tour of our beautiful facility – 1.281.370.6616 – and allow our event planners to take the strain out of your next event.

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