Houston Event Venue Closes - Moffitt Oaks Offers Assistance to Affected Brides

Moffitt Oaks owner, Tricia Moffitt live on KHOU offers sympathy and assistance.

Community. Relationships. Support. This is what life is about. At Moffitt Oaks we often tell our brides that a big part of planning a wedding is about the relationships you build along the way. Many of our brides and grooms become family, in a sense. We work together for months on end to plan the perfect day. Your happiness is ours.

That is why when news of a local Houston venue unexpectedly closing made its way through the Bayou City this week, we at Moffitt Oaks were left feeling the sting of disappointment, frustration and sadness for those affected brides. Two brides that we know of were left with a paid for wedding and no place to have it.

Several Houston-area vendors, including Moffitt Oaks and Spotlight Entertainment, have rallied around in support of the brides who were left high and dry offering free and discounted services.

“People save their whole lives, kind of like they do for retirement, for their daughter’s weddings…It’s human compassion,” said Tricia on her decision to offer help.

When it all comes to an end, the most important part of the day is the person you are standing across from, the one you are pledging your life and love to. We just hope to make it a little more beautiful.

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