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The Arbor


The Arbor

Whimsical. Charming. The Arbor.

Imagine what your outdoor ceremony would look like under our gorgeous Arbor, a 300 guest field garden location.  The beautifully adorned wrought iron arbor is your blank canvas to decorate anyway your heart desires. It’s time to get creative and use your imagination! The sky is the limit!

The Arbor at Moffitt Oaks

The exquisite wrought-iron gazebo that gives the Arbor its name can be adorned with flowers or lights to create a whimsical atmosphere for your outdoor wedding. Located in the middle of our estate, surrounded by the cantina & barn, the Arbor at Moffitt Oaks offers a serene environment for exchanging your vows and pledging your lifelong commitment to each other. Nature will provide the scenery for your wedding ceremony and the perfect backdrop for all your wedding photos.


Multiple Venues for the Houston Bride

Your Moffitt Oaks wedding coordinator will work alongside you to create a “what if”  plan just in case the weather forecast is undesirable. With all of our wedding locations are so close to  each other, your special day can proceed without a hitch. You can also combine two or more venues for even greater flexibility and customization:

  • You can plan your wedding ceremony at the Arbor and then move over to the Ballroom for the next step.
  • Alternatively, you can choose an indoor ceremony at the Barn or the Ballroom and then move out to the Arbor or Lakeside Arbor for an outdoor dining experience.

Your dedicated wedding coordinator works with our brides every step of the way to ensure that your ceremony and reception live up to your expectations because every bride deserves her dream day.

Moffitt Oaks offers all-inclusive wedding packages for couples in Houston and the surrounding area. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide you with expert guidance on the options available to you. To learn more about the exquisite outdoor venues at Moffitt Oaks or to schedule a tour of our complex, call us at 280-370-6616. We look forward to meeting you.

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