Houston Wedding Photographers - Choosing one for your rustic wedding

How to make sure you get the photo style and shots you want!

There are so many aspects that go into planning the perfect wedding, so many tiny details that take so much of our attention. But only one lives on. Only one gives us the chance to look back on this day ten, twenty or fifty years down the road. Choosing the right photographer for your day is worth the search and it’s worth spending that extra penny to get the photos you want.


Choosing the right photographer can seem a daunting task but it’s one of the first things you will want to consider when you begin planning your wedding day.  To get that right fit, the Moffitt Oaks wedding planners have put together a few tips to help make the connection the right one.

Style, Baby!

Do your research and consider the style of photography you want. If you’re planning a rustic wedding in Houston, you may want someone whose photos resonate a warm, glowing, artistic feel. Do you want artistic photos? Traditional portrait style photos? Something edgy and bold? Really consider what you want to look back on when you reminisce years down the road.


You’re in Houston, lucky you. Houston is the home to so many amazing artists. It’s home to the Art Institute of Houston, after all. Know what that means? Access! You have thousands of amazing photographers right at your fingertips. Visit their website, read their blogs, follow them on Instagram, but most importantly, read their reviews; this will give you an idea of who the photographer is as an artist and person. Take the time to view several of their weddings to see if their style truly fits yours.



Ask Around!

As part of your research, ask your friends and family to suggest a few photographers they have used for their own weddings. Your event coordinator or other vendors may even be able to suggest a short list of photographers who specialize in rustic weddings in Houston with whom they’ve had a good experience. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and the best photographers tend to garner a reputation that way.

Count Your Pennies!

Be sure to consider your budget. Photography can be one of the costliest contracts you will take on so be sure that you can pay what they are asking before you move forward with a specific photographer. While doing your research, be sure to check the costs of photography packages. What does the package cover? Does it include engagement photos and bridals or just the wedding day? How many hours will your photographer be present on your wedding day? If you want photos of you getting dressed and photos of your grand exit; is there a package in your budget that covers all of that?

Say Hello!

Before deciding on a single photographer, interview them. This is definitely not a decision that can be made by viewing their Insta account alone. You’ll want to make sure your personalities blend well and that you can feel comfortable with this person. Remember, you will most likely be shooting engagements, bridals and your wedding day with the same photographer.

Take a Peek

One of the most important things you can ask your potential photographer is to see a full wedding from start to finish. We’re talking engagements to bridals and a full wedding. Anyone can post their best 5-10 photos from a wedding and dazzle you, it’s important that you see the nuts and bolts of it. The whole thing from start to finish. If you are planning a rustic wedding at a local Houston venue, ask your photographer if they have shot there before and to see the album from that wedding. If not, ask to see a similar wedding. If you’re planning a rustic, barn wedding, you will want to see something that shows what the photographer can do specifically for you.

Review that Contract

Before you sign anything with your potential photographer, be sure to read the contract carefully. Make sure you know what you’re getting, when you’re getting it and how much it’s going to cost. What are your rights to the photos? Can you take your digital copies and print as you see fit or are you required to print your photos through the photographer? Some of these questions may play a part in who you choose to shoot your day.

This is the part of your day that will live on. Be sure that when you are planning your rustic wedding you choose a photographer who shares your style and is open to the ideas you have for your day. If you need help navigating your way through the selection process, always feel free to ask your planner for advice or tips.

What is your favorite style of photography to see at rustic weddings in Houston? Take a peek at our website and let us know what some of your favorite rustic wedding photos are.

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