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Words cannot express the excellent care my daughter and our family received in planning, preparing and executing a beautiful wedding at Moffitt Oaks.

Let me start by saying we knew Moffitt Oaks would be the place for our daughter’s wedding, we met with a planner and enjoyed the tour tremendously but something was missing. As we were leaving, we ran into a lady who was so enthusiastic about her job, asked us our names and if we enjoyed our tour. We said yes but she could tell some tiny hesitation in our voices. She encouraged us to go home, talk and come back when we could. We went home, talked about different things and figured out what it was that WE needed. We needed a calming, resourceful, seasoned planner. Our daughter and I returned the next day with her groom and the dad in tow. This wonderful lady who was so very nice and encouraging was Chris. I struggle to find the right words to express how grateful I am (as the mom) to say what a fabulous job she did planning our daughter’s dream wedding. Chris was just what we needed-that was it, the missing link.

From then on it was smooth sailing. Chris met with us several times and advised us and gave us advice, too. She went above and beyond to help with the details and provided support like no other. When I say Chris means it when she says, “don’t worry, it will all work out and be beautiful”…trust her! It will! The Moffitt Oaks family is a team. They are all in this together and they know what they are doing. It is “Not Their First Rodeo”. The respect the MO team has for one another is refreshing. The choices of vendors is first class (insert a shout out for our fave-Allison Hughes)!!! Once you step foot on property-you become more than an acquaintance…you become a part of the MO family!

Trisha and Roy, thank you for providing a place that is welcoming, classy and relaxing!
Chris, thank you, thank you, thank you for being there at just the right time and pulling off the perfect wedding for our girl!!!!!!!
To the team, thank you for wanting to be at your job. You are good at what you do and you all are the dream team. Keep up the good work.

To those searching for a venue…look around, shop around and know once you go with Moffitt Oaks, your event will exceed every expectation!

~ Leah Dean Jordan via Facebook

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