How to Find Unique Rustic Wedding Decorations!

You’ve been daydreaming about the most important day of your life for years…


Now you’re engaged, and it’s time to plan your wedding day. Some people prefer to hire a wedding coordinator to take the reins and plan all aspects of your event. Others like to do it all on their own, or at least have a hand in the decorating. Since you’ve decided to search for rustic wedding venues, you’ll want to coordinate your wedding and reception décor to complement your theme. It is more difficult to find brick and mortar shops these days that sell a variety of wedding decorations, let alone specialty items. But with the help and vastness of the internet, you can find virtually anything you can imagine.

Are you already familiar with Pinterest and Etsy? You can get lost for HOURS “pinning” and marking “favorites” to your heart’s content, but that may not be the most effective use of your time when you have the REST of the wedding to plan after all. If you are searching for unique rustic wedding decorations hundreds upon hundreds of boards will appear on Pinterest, and more hundreds of items will pop up on Etsy. To help you save some time, and narrow your search, we’d like to explain how you can best use Pinterest and Etsy to your advantage.

First, it’s important to decide if you are only seeking ideas at this point. If that’s the case, Pinterest will provide you more than enough to get you going. If you want to find “Do It Yourself” or DIY rustic decoration projects, there again Pinterest is best bet. It’s amazing the number of creative people there are out there who have found ways to make such creative items and works of art you can use on your wedding day. But if you prefer to buy those unique rustic wedding decorations ready-made, then Etsy is a fantastic source. Artisans showcase items they make with helpful photos and descriptions, and even state the location they are shipping from. Take note that some vendors do advertise their merchandise on Pinterest as well.  Let us give you a list of keywords we have already tried that will help you find more specifically what you’re looking for, and avoid scrolling through seemingly endless options that are interesting, but are not what you need to be searching through.

  • rustic wedding invitations
  • rustic wedding centerpieces
  • rustic wedding party favors
  • rustic wedding favors – see the link for succulents in mini buckets that serve as something different to offer your guests as favors for attending your special occasion
  • rustic wedding table decorations
  • rustic wedding flowers
  • rustic wedding cake topper
  • rustic wedding bouquets – see the link for the unusual and elegant burlap wedding bouquet
  • rustic wedding light – to find lights, lamps, table decorations
  • rustic wedding guest book – see the link to discover a unique alternative to the traditional guest book, that especially goes along with the rustic theme or mason jar decorations

These keywords will work whether you are exploring Pinterest or Etsy, and while it can still be overwhelming to sort through so many options available out there, getting specific for the items you would like to make or buy, will lead you to those that suit your theme the most. Good luck in your planning. Designing how your day will look for yourself, your future spouse, and your guests is a delightful part of the process leading up to the big event. And, please do not hesitate to share with us your own unique rustic wedding decorations and ideas.

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