Personalizing your All Inclusive Houston Wedding Venue

How to make your All Inclusive Houston Wedding Venue reflect your style 

Choosing an All Inclusive Houston Wedding Venue for your wedding will allow you the opportunity choose a package for the main details of your wedding – food, décor, set up, bar – but will also allow you the flexibility and time to spend creating a truly personal event. There is nothing more personal than a wedding, and we love to see our brides create something that is truly reflective of who they are as a couple.

Sometimes, when your wedding comes pre-packaged from an all-inclusive wedding venue, it’s hard to feel that this is truly your event, but creating a truly personal event is easier than you think.

Say ‘Yes’ to the dress!

We love when a bride uses her dress to make a personal statement. Wearing a dress from a loved one or using a loved one’s dress to add something unique to your dress is a great way to truly personalize your day and to create a significate meaning to a big part of your day. Don’t love your mom or grandmother’s dress? Consider asking if you can have a piece of it to create a sash for your dress.

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Pass on the traditional bouquet

Have you ever heard of this lovely thing called a brooch bouquet? This is such a sentimental way to personalize your day and add major bling! Ask the important women in your life to give or purchase a brooch for you to use to create your bouquet. Many florists can create a brooch bouquet for you and you can still get a floral bouquet to toss. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this is not a difficult task to do and there are plenty of how-to videos on YouTube and Pinterest to assist you creating your own brooch bouquet.

Signature Cocktail

Liven up the bar at your all-inclusive venue with a signature cocktail. If you’re venue will offer a food tasting, consider asking to have a cocktail tasting as well. Adding a signature cocktail that shares your color scheme is a fun addition and something that surely have guests talking. Watching your budget? Consider having the signature cocktail just during the cocktail hour while guests are waiting your arrival from the ceremony.


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Get creative with your centerpieces

Most brides and grooms will choose to a typical floral or candle centerpiece. Tradition speaks volumes when it comes to this. However, if you are marrying at an all-inclusive venue, getting creative with your centerpiece is a great way to personalize your venue. This will be something everyone is sure to notice! Take this opportunity to show case photos of your relationship by using framed pictures, a low votive and a small floral piece as your centerpiece. Too personal? Consider using fruit as your centerpiece. Lemons in a high vase are beautiful for a summer time wedding. If you’re marrying around Christmas, consider using Christmas décor for your centerpiece. This is one of the easiest ways to bring in a unique, personal flare to your all-inclusive venue.

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Bringing in bits and pieces of your family or style to your all-inclusive venue will allow you to easily transform the space to reflect who you and your groom are and who you will be as a couple. Don’t be afraid to get creative when deciding how you will personalize your venue.

How would you choose to personalize your all-inclusive venue?

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