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Planning A Wedding

Planning a Wedding
Is Not As Easy as You Might Think!

Consider the Following Factors Prior to Booking Your Houston Venue

Factor to Consider Moffitt Oaks Do-It-Yourself and Venue-Only
1. Price We offer both venue-only and all-inclusive packages. Most of our brides tell us that having Moffitt Oaks do it all saves them time and money over doing it themselves. Many entice you with their “low” prices. However, when you add all of the other services, you could end up paying more and have the added stress of doing it all yourself.
2. Experience At Moffitt Oaks, we have years of experience in planning and executing weddings. On average, it takes 140 hours to plan and execute weddings. With a full-service venue like Moffitt Oaks, we do it all for you so that you can enjoy your engagement. According to The Huffington Post, it takes someone 140 hours to plan a wedding. Many people who do it themselves end up regretting it because having no experience, this can lead to stress and possible overspending.
3. Surprises At an all-inclusive venue like Moffitt Oaks, there are no surprises. What you see is what you get in terms of pricing and ease of service. Watch out for hidden costs that come out of nowehere. Things you haven’t even thought about, such as plates, silverware, glassware, napkins, linens, decorations, chargers, event coordinator, parking attendants, rehearsal, DJ, hair & make up services, invitations, glassware for the bar, and all of the garnishments for the bar, just to name a few.
4. Day of Service The biggest compliment we get at Moffitt Oaks is how easy the actual wedding day is, because, everything has been taken care of for the family so that you can focus on enjoying your day. On the day of, you, your friends and your family are so busy doing set up and being rushed, that you miss enjoying the experience.
5. Vendor Selection At an all-inclusive venue such as Moffitt Oaks, we have a wide variety of vendors for you to choose from that make your day all that you ever dreamed of. We have pre-vetted, highly dependable vendors to service your event. Everything from your food selection to coordinating, to limo service, we do it all. You are responsible for choosing, coordinating, and managing your vendors. This is a full-time job in and of itself.
6. Tipping Policy When you book your wedding at an all-inclusive venue like Moffitt Oaks, keep your checkbook and money at home the day of the event. We have already taken care of everything, including tipping, for your special day. You often have to come to your event the day of with a wad of money to be able to pay tips and your final payments. With all of the things you have to worry about that day, do you really want to handle all of that?
7. Venue Quality At Moffitt Oaks, we can create any environment you want for your sepcial day. Simply let us know what you want, and we can make it happen. Many venue-only and do-it-yourself venues offer beautiful scenery and have first class facilities. The only question remaining is whether or not you are potentially willing to pay more and have more stress to book at those venues.
8. Event Planners At an all-inclusive venue such as Moffitt Oaks, we have a staff that is experienced and solely dedicated to taking care of everything for you so that you do not have to. Our staff has a vast experience in the details of planning a wedding. You do not have to ride the learning curve as we have already figured it out. Many venue-only locations do not include a wedding planner.
9. Range of Services At all-inclusive venues like Moffitt Oaks, we do it all. We take care of vendor selection, food, beverages, alcohol, valet, honeymoon plans, linens, flowers, security, set up, clean up, and just about everything else you want. Most do-it-yourself venues offer you the room, the tables, and the folding chairs.
10. Family Involvement Moffitt Oaks is here to make your day shine. We offer customized packages, including do-it-yourself, so that you can involve those closest to you. At venue-only facilities, you are definetly going to need those closest to you to pull it off.

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