Putting Together Your All Inclusive Wedding Package In Houston, Texas

 How to know which all inclusive wedding package to choose…

The venue. The catering. The bar menu. The photographer. The cake. The florist. The DJ…

Putting together your all inclusive wedding package in Houston

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In Houston, there are so many vendor interviews to be had and so many decisions to make when planning a wedding. Many venues will have pre-set all-inclusive wedding packages for you to choose from which is a great jumping off point! It can be overwhelming and intimidating, not to mention costly, to walk into a place that simply rents you the space and leaves the rest in your hands. This is the reason all inclusive packages at Houston venues are on the rise in popularity.

We’ve given you so many benefits as to why selecting an all inclusive package is the way to go, but how do you decide on which package to choose?

Which all inclusive wedding package in Houston most closely meets your needs?

Chances are, if you are choosing an all-inclusive package, the venue you are working with will have the basics – tables, chairs, basic linens, etc. This will help keep your budget down because it will save on rental fees. Take time to evaluate what you will be needing in terms of services. If you have an aunt who just so happens to be an award-winning cake baker, you may want to use her services. But if you aren’t related to a Cake Boss, maybe you would like to lump this service in with an all-inclusive package. As the package tiers go up, so should the service options.

Putting together your all inclusive wedding package in Houston

Photographer: Designs by Karinda

Vendor Choices

All inclusive packages are great for taking out the work of vendor searches. Most all inclusive wedding venues will offer options so you will still have choices. For example, some packages will come with photography, but your venue may have three photographers to choose from. Don’t be afraid to explore those options. You will want to make sure you are getting the best there is. The benefit of this is that the work has been made minimal. There will likely be a small list of what is often called “preferred vendors” to choose from. Preferred vendors are vendors with whom the venue has previously worked and can vouch for their services.


One of the best things about an all inclusive wedding package is that it is one of the most affordable options out there for wedding planning. When you are deciding which package to choose from, weigh the cost options. Try to get as much as you can, but make sure it is within your budget. If you are on a tight budget, try to find areas you can cut back.

Food and Beverage Options

When deciding on which package to choose from, look closely at the food and beverage options. Some bar options will allow for different setups, for instance, beer and wine only, which can save you money in the long run. Keep in mind, if you have a crowd of whiskey lovers, this may not be the route to go. Know your audience! Don’t be afraid to ask questions on food costs either. Buffet tends to be the first thought when it comes to saving money, but often times upscale venues will not want to leave buffet trays empty and will end up ordering much more food than needed to keep the buffet looking presentable. A well put together all inclusive package will offer a range of food options to suit your dining and budget needs.

Putting together your all inclusive wedding package in Houston

Photographer: Designs by Karinda

Review – and don’t rush it!

Our best advice is to take your time to review each package thoroughly before making a choice. At this point, you’ve likely reserved your date, it’s just time to put your package together. Be honest with your venue coordinator in what your budget, needs and expectations are. They are there to help you navigate these tricky waters and will often have the best advice of anyone you will meet on this journey. And chances are – they’ve probably had a hand in helping creating these all inclusive packages!

Don’t be afraid to ask your venue coordinator if they can create a custom package. If they offer something in a package you have no need for but would like to swap it for another service, ask for a price difference or if you could simply swap the services. This is your day and along the way, you will find that more times than not, your vendors will work with you, not just for you.

So tell us in the comment section below, what is the most important thing you look for when browsing for venues with all inclusive wedding packages in Houston?

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