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8 Tips Answered

While planning your barn wedding reception, you may come across several articles with opinions on what to expect  from a Barn Wedding Venue.  These articles help guide you in asking the right questions while doing your research in choosing the right venue for you and your guests.  The Knot’s article, ‘Don’t Even Think About Having a Barn Wedding Without Reading This First.’, is one that has many key points that are answered here.

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1.  Do I need to Set Aside a Budget for Barn Extras?  First and foremost, we are an all-inclusive wedding venue.  Our packages include everything you will need when setting up a rustic-chic barn wedding reception.  For example, tables, chairs, dishes, catering, and a wedding coordinator are all included, no matter which all-inclusive package you choose.  Our platinum package includes almost anything you can think of, and is our most exclusive package.  If you’d like, you are able to add any of your unique extras, but don’t worry about the big stuff, we have it all covered.  Contact us to receive our portfolio of all-inclusive package options.

2. Are there Local Sound Ordinance Rules?  Our receptions start with a 4 hour timeframe, but can surely continue for an extra hourly cost.  Since we are located within 47 acres of pastures, we do not have neighbors that are concerned with a local sound ordinance.  We have flexibility on the length of your event within reason.

3. How are the Grounds?  We have beautiful picturesque fields and pastures that are properly taken care of.  Our estate is car and wheel-chair friendly, and is suitable for elderly guests.  We currently have a smooth gravel driveway and parking lot to the reception locations that have no problem with the change in weather.

4. Do I need to make a Plan for Bugs?  At each of our reception locations we have huge outdoor fire pits to maintain bugs.  We also spray our grounds, but spraying just controls the bugs from over flourishing.  We agree with the Knot’s tip that bug spray and citronella candles can be of help.

5. Do I need to Weatherproof my Guests?  We know how important it is to keep comfortable, that is why our barn venue for Houston receptions is climate controlled.  We also have a covered outdoor patio behind the barn for outdoor catering set-ups with lounge areas.

6. Is the Barn Allergy-Proofed?  Our barn venue is a fully renovated stable that has been internally reconstructed. Animals are no longer present within or outside the barn.  We do have ducks that visit the estate, and you will see cattle from our neighboring pasture, but no farm animals are maintained on our estate.  Concerning outdoor seasonal allergies, we recommend you communicate with your guests to be prepared, but please know that our climate controlled barn can help with those concerns.

7. Do me and my guests have to Skip the Stilettos?  We have some areas that are more rustic than others.  For example, our Lakeside Ceremony location is paved, while our outdoor Arbor Ceremony location is not.  Both of our indoor reception venues (barn & ballroom) have finished flooring.  Skipping the stilettos isn’t a must.  You can surely wear your elegant shoes, but if you have any concerns, we highly recommend Starlettos , which adjust to the width of your heel and help with sinking.

8. Do I need to Pretty Up the Powder Room?  No, our barn reception location is a full-service venue.  We have a beautifully remodeled stable that has country modern bathrooms with only the best amenities and staff to maintain its cleanliness.  If you’d like, for an extra touch, you can create a basket with small bathroom items for the guests, like hairspray, mints, or lotion.

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