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Because of our location in Houston, and the amenities on our ranch, our wedding venue is definitely designated RUSTIC. However, there are so many ways to design the look of your wedding day, and you can achieve the exact style you desire with your choice of rustic wedding decorations. We’ve held so many amazing weddings here at Moffitt Oaks, and we’d love to share some of what we’ve learned from our newlyweds along the way.

First, will you be having an outdoor service or be keeping the entire event indoors? Many couples like a combination of the two, opting for an afternoon ceremony outside in a natural setting, and transition to an evening reception in the barn. Whichever you choose, it’s easy to pull off the rustic style when you take your surroundings into consideration.

If the weather permits for the time of year you plan to celebrate your big day, play with Mother Nature as your backdrop. You can use the charming countryside to create a casual, yet elegant affair. Consider exchanging vows under a decorative arbor or pergola adorned with flowers, with guests seated in neat rows of wooden chairs. Place buckets of baby’s breath and wildflowers along the aisle of green grass carpet beckoning you to your groom

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston

Photographer: Leah Brewer

Use Nature’s landscape as a canvas for stunning photos of you, your wedding party, and the special moments throughout the day. The vivid greens, blues, or neutral hues enhance any snapshot you take.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston


Have fun staging shots with rustic furniture you can use as props like this unique wagon wheel bench our couples seem to love.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston

To find more rustic wedding decoration items you can rent for the day and add to the scene you’re setting, you can check out vendors such as Bourbon and Bloom, or search Pinterest online for ideas.

When you think rustic wedding style, do you automatically imagine cowboy boots for the entire bridal party? Many people do. It’s a terrific way to carry off the rustic charm, and there are so many colors and styles of boots you can choose from to complement your wedding attire. So if you’re a cowgirl at heart, go for it, and put on those boots and denim.

But just in case you’re more of the outdoorsy type, you can even choose to kick off your shoes and forget tradition by declaring a barefoot wedding. No sore toes from high heels or pointy boots if you go without.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston

Photographer: Leighanne Herr Photography

What are other items you associate with rustic wedding decorations? Share your ideas in the comments below.  We definitely love using vintage chalkboards, and couples are getting so creative with how they decide to incorporate them into their event. Guide your guests to the ceremony with a simple sign, or greet them with an aged chalkboard placard and floral arrangement letting them know they’ve arrived in the right place and are set for a festive celebration.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston

You can even create an oversized chalkboard with personalized messaging to use as a clever photo prop your guests can entertain themselves with, leaving you with memorable photos for you to cherish.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston

If you’re  going to have an indoor wedding, you can invite the outdoors in, by selecting floral arrangements that look like freshly picked wildflowers you gathered earlier that day.



Continue your sweet, rustic, yet elegant atmosphere into your reception by displaying fresh cut wildflowers in your table centerpieces. Go big, full bouquets, use tree branches and adorn with crystals, or go delicate with glass bottle vases, each with a single bud, arranged on a wooden slab cut from a tree. We’ve seen just how beautiful any of these types of table décor can make your reception.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston

How about a couple more little touches you can add to personalize your rustic wedding day? For your reception, create a little table with photos of you and your fiancé in barn wood frames that captures moments you shared together leading up to your marriage. Leave a guestbook for your attendees to sign or write a special message. But as you’re shopping for rustic wedding decorations, try to find one that is less traditional and fits with your décor.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston

And don’t forget the wedding favors. Do you have beer or soda drinkers in your crowd? If you’re hosting a somewhat more casual occasion, consider handing out personalized koozies. It’s always nice to take home something you can use again, and it’s even better when your guests can think back on your wonderful celebration every time they use it.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in Houston

We hope we’ve helped you get your imagination going. Connect with us for a complimentary tour and one of our Moffitt Oaks wedding coordinators will help give you the rundown on how to plan the perfect rustic or barn wedding. Need to ask a question right now? Call us at 1.281.370.6616.

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