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How to Choose the Right Venue for your Wedding!


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From the second that ring slides on your finger, every bride dreams of the day she will walk down the aisle. The dress, the family, the flowers, the cake, the groom and all of the other tiny details that made up the perfect day you dreamt about.

But how do you know where to start? What is that first step?

Deciding on the perfect venue will set the tone for your rustic wedding. There is a list of things to consider that will help you determine exactly how to choose THE location.

First, determine the size of your guest list.

Will your event be an intimate, family-only affair or will you be entertaining a larger crowd? This is the first step into deciding the size of the venue that can accommodate you. You may not know the exact number, but a ball range will help to greatly narrow down your options.

What do you want from your venue?

Do you plan on having a major hand in day-of events or would you rather relax with your bridesmaids and let the work be done for you? Many locations, like Moffit Oaks offer one-stop-shop, all-inclusive rustic wedding packages that leave you as the bride and groom free to relax and enjoy your day while their expert wedding planners handle everything from décor to catering. You may simply want the venue and to invite your friends and family out to help you do all of the work yourself. Will you need overnight accommodations? Parking attendants? Allow yourself to get an honest idea of how you picture the day going and what your needs may be leading up to your big day.

Geographic Location

When considering what you want from your venue, it is also important to consider the geographic location of where your event will take place. Are you high school sweethearts looking to marry in your hometown? Or are you from opposite ends of Texas looking to meet in the middle?  When planning an out of town event, it is nice to consider the guests that will be traveling. They may not know their way around and it’s convenient to have the entire event in the same place. If you are more of a hometown couple, you may want to have your ceremony in a church followed by a rustic reception complete with all the details in a different venue.

Consider your budget

It is always wise to be budget conscious when planning such a large and important event. Consider your guest list and what you will pay per person. Be honest with your wedding event coordinator about what you are willing to spend so that they can plan the perfect, personalized event that stays within your means. Don’t forget to include things that may not be in your package, like your wedding dress, bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, or even gifts for out of town guests. We recommend putting together a spreadsheet to help track and plan your spending. This will allow you and your planner to know exactly what you are spending those dollars on.

Tour your shortlist of rustic wedding venues

Be sure to tour all the rustic wedding venues on your shortlist so you can get a true feel for each venue and if it has that rustic atmosphere that was so appealing online. Don’t feel pressured into making an immediate decision and come prepared with any questions you may have. Visit your top choices and take some time with your fiancé to step away and truly consider the pros and cons of each.

We connected

While touring, really think if you can you build a relationship with those you have met. It is important that you are confident in your venue and planner. You will be working almost exclusively with this person for the entire length of your planning process, as well on the big day. Make sure this is a person you can build a relationship with. Are you confident in their skills? Do they promptly return your calls? And most important, do they see your vision?

Rustic weddings are a popular avenue and choosing the right rustic wedding venue to pull off your event can be tough, but when you really narrow down what you want, it will lead you to the right choice.

Tell us, what do you consider to be the most important aspect when trying to find your perfect rustic wedding venue in Houston?

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