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When Simon and Jonah came and toured Moffitt Oaks in February of 2016 and told me they wanted to have their rustic Texas wedding in May 2016, I did not give them the reaction they were expecting. I told them that as long as they were able to act fast and make decisions, that we would be just fine. They definitely did their part in quickly selecting vendors, sending out invites, attending tastings, and making décor choices for the venue!  Our first LGBT Real Wedding Houston was well on its way, and we were surely proud of it!

LGBT Real Wedding Houston

LGBT Real Wedding Houston

I learned through the planning process with the couple was that they were not only planning their wedding at Moffitt Oaks, but a second wedding in South Africa! Simon was born in England and raised in South Africa, so a lot of his family is overseas and weren’t going to be able to make the American wedding—so they are having two weddings! I was very impressed—not only that they were coordinating two weddings, but one of them was abroad while also coordinating a move to Alaska for when they return!




What really made their wedding day at Moffitt Oaks that much more special was that it was so evident how in love with each other they were by the way they just looked at each other. I mean they cried many times (happy tears, of course)—but these looks just said it all! What was even more endearing is that they called each other “Love”—so even when they disagreed about something in the planning process, they said it with love! Thank you Simon and Jonah for letting me be a part of your Big (American) Day!

Best wishes from Texas!


Photography: Photography by Kelly | Cake: Who Made The Cake

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