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Weddings in Houston, TX – Barn-Style Floral Finds for the Houston Bride…


Houston brides love barn weddings as this rustic style tends to have an instinctively warm, inviting and Southern atmosphere – and we all love a good old fashioned Southern wedding. The thing about a barn or rustic-style wedding is that it truly allows you to go the extremes from laid-back casual to formal. Your personal touch to making a barn wedding complete is all in the details, and one of the most important details to any wedding is flowers!

Remember how Shelby used flowers to create a beautiful backdrop to her Steel Magnolias wedding?

“The walls are banked with sprays of flowers, and my two shades of blush and bashful.”

Are you a Shelby? Or do you like something a little subtler? Choosing the right flowers to fill up a barn can seem like a complicated task. Flowers can be expensive and there are literally thousands to choose from. Here are our top picks when it comes to planning your Houston barn wedding.

Color Pop with Poppies in your barn wedding

Poppies are such a soft yet unexpected wedding flower and they make such a statement. Their deep color can range from dark red to coral, white, pink, yellow, purple and orange. Their variety of colors make them a perfect choice for any season. Rustic barn weddings tend to host a lot of neutral colors but by adding poppies, you bring in a pop of color that demands to be noticed! Poppies are delicate and their season is short so be sure to ask your florist if this is a good option for your particular date. Many times, florists can get flowers that are out-of-season but the cost may be higher.

Thistles and Berries

This is the perfect wintery touch to add to your barn wedding bouquet. Adding these elements to your arrangements will give them an unexpected dimension and texture that begs for a closer look. These are perfect to add to your full-bodied flowers like peonies or hydrangea.

Just Picked 

We love a “just picked” bunch of flowers for a barn wedding. Try a purposefully messy mixture of dahlias, peonies, baby roses and a sprig of something fun like cotton to make the perfect bouquet that looks as if it were just picked out of your grandma’s flower garden. The great thing about this style is that it gives your florist the freedom to find something that’s in season and easy to get – which means more ease on your bottom line – which means a happy groom!

Old Faithful

Looking for something a bit more traditional for your barn wedding? Houston is home to so many amazing florists who can produce some of the most amazing and artistic floral designs for your barn wedding; but when you are looking for something a bit more traditional, try going for something delicate and familiar like hydrangea, peonies or ranunculus.

She’s Gone Country…

Let’s face it, we are in Houston. Home to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The place where wearing boots to church or dinner is completely appropriate. I mean, you can even get away with wearing boots under your wedding gown while looking insanely chic. So if you’re looking to put a more country spin on your barn wedding, opt for a bouquet of sunflowers. Daisies and Gerber daisies are also wildly popular flowers for a barn wedding in Houston for the affordability and range of color they provide. You could fit nearly any color scheme with daisies.

Filler ‘Err Up!

Filler flowers make the perfect accessory to a barn wedding but when arranged correctly, they can also make the perfect centerpiece or bridesmaid bouquet. Some of our favorites include Queen Ann’s lace, wax flowers or statice. The great thing about filler flowers is a little will go a long way. Reigning as one of the most popular and recognizable filler flowers, baby’s breath has made a huge comeback! It’s the perfect filler flower for a barn wedding and can be found all over Houston from your higher-end flower shops to your neighborhood H-E-B. It’s so inexpensive that even if you choose to forgo it in your arrangements, it’s a great filler flower to toss a huge bunch into a bucket or whiskey barrel to fill an otherwise empty corner in your venue.

Look Beyond

The great thing about your wedding is that it’s yours. You have full creative reign with nobody to tell you otherwise, well, except for that handsome man who will be meeting you at the other end of the aisle. Try bringing something wild to your barn wedding. Cotton is lovely in floral arrangements and beautiful on its own when arranged correctly. Lavender and bluebonnets will help bring that good ole Texas country feel. Succulents and sea holly will help put a rustic touch should you go with an otherwise traditional bouquet and is a great way to add greenery without using old-fashioned green leaves.

Whichever floral theme you choose; flowers are an essential element to your day. They bring the delicate, Southern, outdoorsy feeling every Houston bride wants in her barn wedding, so be sure those flowers are plentiful!

Let’s hear it!

Leave us a comment and let us know: What are some of the best ways you have seen flowers displayed at a rustic barn wedding? What are some of the most unique flowers you’ve seen at barn weddings here in Houston?

So how do you pick?

Knowing exactly which wedding flowers to choose for barn weddings in Houston can be a challenge. But we at Moffitt Oaks have planned thousands of weddings and can help you choose that perfect arrangement to match your perfectly rustic barn wedding right here in Houston.

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