The Must Have Benefits of Rustic Elegant Weddings in Houston TX

It is no surprise that rustic wedding venues are increasingly popular nowadays as a growing number of brides and grooms come to appreciate the charm and beauty of rustic elegant weddings. If you’re considering a rustic venue for your dream wedding, continue to read on, to learn how to create the day you’ve always dreamed of.

Benefits of Rustic Weddings

Barn weddings aren’t for everyone, but a rustic wedding theme could be perfect for you if:

  • You want to show your cowgirl side… The biggest day of your life should be a reflection of the things you’re most passionate about. Maybe you grew up raising horses. Perhaps you love walking in nature. Even if you just think cowgirl boots and country music are the best things in life, a rustic barn wedding is the perfect way to show this side of your personality.

Rustic Barn Weddings in Houston TX

  • You want wedding pictures in a natural setting. The juxtaposition of your wedding dress against an open pasture or hay field could be just what you want in your wedding photos. A rustic barn setting makes the perfect backdrop while you say “I do.”

Rustic Barn Weddings in Houston TX

  • You want a large flexible venue. Countryside barns are known for their large, open interiors, which you can use any way you wish. Think of the rustic charm, the big wooden doors wide open, and the warm soft glow of the evening’s sunset setting over your reception party.

Houston Wedding Venues

How to Have the Perfect Rustic Wedding in Houston TX

There’s so much involved in planning a wedding that it’s easy to forget the little details if you’re not careful. As you become more involved in the planning process, make sure you consider the venue carefully. Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. Tour potential venues in person. The last thing you want to discover on your wedding day is a venue that doesn’t match what you envisioned. Touring a few venues before making your final selection gives you a chance to ask questions and make sure the site meets your expectations before it’s too late to change your mind. Make sure you talk with the wedding planner and that you are comfortable sharing your wedding plans with her.

2. Make sure the barn is heated and air conditioned. Some barns are so authentic they don’t have heating or cooling. This could spell trouble in the hot and humid Houston summer climate. Therefore, while touring your shortlist of venues, double check that the barn is equipped with central air and heat. This will ensure that you and your guests enjoy your special day to the fullest.

3. Choose a venue with all the amenities you want. Many times the wedding party may need more than just a facility to tie the knot. As a bride, are you also looking for a bridal suite with vanity stations or perhaps a groom’s quarters where he can relax with his groomsmen?

Rustic Barn Weddings in Houston TX

4.  Ask about all inclusive wedding packages. When you have limited time and want your day to be as stress-free as possible, seriously consider rustic event venues who offer all inclusive wedding packages. These packages may include catering, photography, DJ, flowers, cakes, china and linens, hair and make-up, wedding planner, and day-off coordinator. Since this day only happens once, talk to your wedding planner to verify what’s included in your contract and let her help you to personalize your all inclusive wedding package.

5.  Keep your budget in mind. Though you may wish you had an unlimited budget to plan your wedding, most brides-to-be have a set budget to work with. And set budgets invariably lead to compromises. For example, if you want to get married at a more expensive venue, you may need to shrink the guest list. If it’s more important to you that all family and friends are invited, you may need to choose a less costly venue. Also take in to consideration that items such as your dress and gifts for the wedding party are generally not covered in an all inclusive wedding package. Working closely with your wedding planner and keeping track of your expenses in a spreadsheet will go a long way in helping you to stay within your budget.

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