Top 6 Benefits to Having an All Inclusive Wedding in Houston, TX

Why all inclusive is the way to go!

Today’s bride is a busy one. Between work, life and traffic, Houston brides have their hands as full as their hearts. There are thousands of details that go in to planning your perfect day and the joy and excitement of the event are often overshadowed with stress and to-do lists.

But, brides and grooms, hear us out — there is a solution to help lessen the stress and worry and it comes in a pretty little package just as you’d expect it to! All inclusive wedding packages are a growing trend not only in Houston but all over the country. The ease and affordability is often unmatched when it comes to other wedding day options. It’s your own perfect, build it your way wedding that will allow you to focus on the joy and fun in planning and will help you and your groom avoid getting caught in the stress that often times comes with weddings.


There are dozens of reasons an all inclusive package is the way to go, but here are our top 6.

  1. One Stop Shop. All inclusive venues will offer their own in-house caterers, clean-up crew, event managers and other staff. Not only do these venues offer the crew, they will have décor, linens, facilities and all of the other tiny details that go into pulling off a perfect wedding. This will save you and your groom countless hours of calling, emailing and meeting with potential vendors who may not even be the right fit.
  2. Access. For any vendors that all inclusive venues do not have on staff, most will have a list of preferred professional vendors at your fingertips without having to schedule meeting after meeting. This gives you access to highly sought after vendors you may not otherwise have access to.
  3. Stretch that Dollar! Staying on budget can often be a difficult task when it comes to putting your dream wedding into motion, especially in a large, booming city like Houston. Choosing an all inclusive package can help! This is a sure-fire way to watch those pennies and make them stretch as far as they can. With a pre-set package, your every detail is planned and managed by a wedding and event professional whose job it is to help keep those numbers where they need to be while making sure the day goes off without a hitch.
  4. Avoid Chaos. Rounding up various vendors to plan the many details of a wedding is never an easy task. Too many hands in the pot can make an easy recipe a total disaster, things go missing, forgotten and undone. Leave your day in the hands of a single, qualified event manager who knows how to plan and execute like it’s their livelihood – because it is!
  5. Relax, don’t do it. Let your all inclusive package do what it’s supposed to and take the stress off. Enjoy getting your hair and make-up done, sip mimosas with your ‘maids, plan a sneak peek with your husband-to-be and leave the details to the professionals. After all, who wants to spend the day setting up tables and chairs in the Houston heat just hours before slipping into your wedding dress? Even better than that, you don’t have to clean up afterwards!
  6. Skip the Traffic. Houston traffic is nothing anyone wants to mess with, especially on your wedding day. At any given moment, Houston traffic could take a turn for the worst and the last thing you want is to be late to your own wedding. Having an all inclusive event venue allows you the option for all day stay. Get ready, take some photos, have your ceremony and reception all in the same place.

All inclusive wedding packages are no longer a thing for just destination weddings. They are steadily increasing in popularity and in a city as large as Houston where so many vendors are around every corner, it’s no wonder! What would be the number 1 reason you and your groom would choose an all inclusive wedding package?

Still unsure if an all inclusive package is the way to go? Call us to schedule a complimentary tour and visit with one of the Moffitt Oaks wedding coordinators. We would love to help get your planning off on the right foot!

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