Unique Wedding Reception Ideas | Spring Decorations

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…

I could walk through my garden forever.”

– Alfred Tennyson

If you’re getting married this spring, chances are the planning has been in the works for some time. As long as you’ve secured your wedding and reception venues, hired your officiant, and sent out invitations, you know your big day is going to happen. Although you may have a lot left on your to-do list, you still have a little wiggle room for determining last minute unique wedding reception ideas to bring spring alive on your wedding day.

When you think of the spring season, what comes to mind? – Bright vivid greens like blades of grass, baby blue skies and puffy white clouds. What other colors mean spring to you? – Soft pastels of Easter eggs piled in a wicker basket. Whatever colors you choose, and whatever style you fancy, there are so many options for elegant wedding decorations for springtime.

Once the wedding attire is decided, and you are waiting for final fittings for your gown, the next must-have is a florist, or a solid idea of flowers you’ll need for your ceremony and reception. If you’ve been putting this off, the good news is you’re getting married in the season of abundance when it comes to  flowers. Your floral expert can advise you what is in blooming that she has access to; even wildflowers are an option.

Has everything gone according to plan for your wedding? If your answer is ‘no’, you’re not alone. It very rarely does. But try not to stress. If you are willing to be flexible, there’s always a solution, and usually you discover the thing that got in the way, actually steered you toward something wonderful you never would have considered on your own.

One bride we know had always dreamed of big, round bouquets of white and blush pink roses for her bridal party and reception centerpieces, but on one of her first dates with her fiancé, they went for a hike and he picked handfuls of wild yellow mustard flowers and purple lupines. When it came time to focusing on unique wedding reception ideas, she decided on a totally different color scheme, and settled on a simple, rustic theme. Later she said that her wedding day went beyond her dreams, and she was so glad they chose a style and décor that was much more unique and meaningful to them.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Another bride imagined a fall wedding, and she started looking at venues to set a date. She had always pictured an October Saturday ceremony at sunset and a fancy evening soiree. But in the midst of wedding planning, her father’s health started failing, and there was doubt he would be well enough to walk her down the aisle so many months later. So she and her fiancé made the decision to move the wedding up to the spring. This changed her intended colors as well.

She was originally going to go with large sunflowers, and cobalt blue. But instead, when she changed seasons, she thought of spring and remembered her first Easter together with her fiancé. She found the photos of their Easter baskets filled with pastel colored eggs and candy. He gave her a dozen of the sweetest smelling lavender roses, and she knew that was how they needed to decorate for their big day.

Both of these brides decided to design their events mostly on their own, with a little help from sisters and a couple of girlfriends. They both went online to Pinterest and searched “spring wedding decorations” to start collecting images of wedding decoration ideas that would help them make their wedding dreams come true.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas
Photographer: Leah Brewer

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

If you have some wedding decorations you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. We get inspired by the newlyweds we see get married here at Moffitt Oaks, and enjoy offering tips we’ve learned to you.

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