Wedding Venues Houston | Spring Wedding Ideas that will turn heads!

Inspired by our Moffitt Oaks Brides

Inspired by our Moffitt Oaks brides, below lists 5 of our favorite spring wedding ideas.

1.  Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Let each of your bridesmaids choose her own dressed based upon your color pallet.

2.  Floral Bridal Crowns

Accessorize with a pastel floral crown for the perfect feminine touch.

3.  Brunch Weddings

Enjoy a brunch wedding with fresh morning air, sunlight, and unique catered options.

4.  Attire for Groomsmen

Have your groomsmen wear a pop of color to match with the bride.

5.  Bridal Bouquets

Pastel colored roses accented with powered leafs and stems.

Our wedding venues Houston are a place of inspiration for spring wedding ideas.  We are nestled on 47 acres with 3 outdoor ceremony locations and 2 indoor reception venues.  Our various venue and ceremony options give you the flexibility in developing the spring wedding of your dreams!

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