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Why do you think rustic wedding venues are so appealing?


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When you think “rustic weddings,” do you picture burlap, twine, lace, bark, chalkboards, and wildflowers? 

What some people don’t realize is that “rustic” is actually a style, as opposed to a theme. Other popular styles include traditional, formal, casual, contemporary, modern, and eclectic. However, rustic weddings have been increasingly popular for quite some time.  According to an online poll by Special Events, nearly 60 % of respondents say that the rustic wedding continues to be well-liked by couples. You can find a rustic wedding venue in the middle of rolling country hills, a vast pasture, a blooming garden, in the mountains, in a vineyard, farm, ranch, or a barn. Each location provides a beautiful backdrop to suit the look and feel of your wedding.

What is the appeal?

In many ways what makes rustic wedding venues appealing is what it is NOT, the big ‘white’ wedding in a standard hotel ballroom. Instead it represents an escape for many, from the “city life” or concrete jungle; it allows people to disconnect from their busy lives and focus on the natural beauty around them.


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Rustic weddings are the perfect place to focus on the small nuances and add personal touches, and the only limit on possibilities is your imagination.  Even then, if you are short on design ideas, you can simply go online to Pinterest or Instagram, where creativity is unleashed.  Use Mother Nature to complement your theme and provide the unique scene for your special day. Instead of adding too many artificial decorations, observe your surroundings, and consider using materials representative of the area. Whether your ceremony and reception are outdoors, indoors, or a combination of the two, the rustic wedding venue feels personable and unique, and sets the mood by changing with the weather, the light, and the seasons.

Themes for Rustic Weddings

Rustic wedding venues differ on size, amenities, even building architecture, which means the one you choose needs to fit your desired theme and the number of people on your guest list. The western wedding is always a favorite, and can be planned as a more casual affair, replete with barbecue on the menu for the reception, cowboy/cowgirl boots on the bridal party, denim used as part of the décor and apparel, country western music for dancing, and hay bales for seating.

Barn weddings can be dressed up or down to match the theme of your wedding. Deciding whether or not to use only the barn is the first consideration and then choosing one that is the right size for your party.  Moffitt Oaks in Houston houses an expansive, beautiful barn designed just for rustic weddings with its high beam ceilings and large crystal chandeliers – Rustic yet chic in its elegant charm.


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Couples often seek the ambiance provided by rustic wedding venues. Such locations lend themselves to a more relaxed, fun atmosphere, and wedding goers delight in the fresh air, space, and earthy simplicity of their surroundings. By day, the natural lighting, and tones of green and brown typical in nature, only serve to enhance the photos capturing the biggest day of your life. By night, the rows of string lights, candles and chandeliers cast the warm glow and accentuate the romance of the event.

Some wonder if rustic weddings are simply trendy or part of a fad; however, with all of the possibilities to make it yours and customize it, rustic wedding venues will not be going out of style anytime soon.

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