Your Recipe for Success - Corporate Event Planning in Houston

Your search is over. We’ve tracked down the Holy Grail of event planning for corporate events. The bad news? To account for all the nitty gritty details that go into corporate events, the research paper was over 10,000 pages long… However, have no fear, we have summarized it here in 5 essential areas you have to cover to ensure the successful outcome of your next corporate event planning in Houston.

Corporate Event Planning in Houston

Essential Checklist for Corporate Event Planning in Houston

1. Big Picture First

We have mentioned this before and will repeat it many times in the future: Remember the five W’s. When you start planning your corporate event always start with the five W’s:

  1. Who will attend?
  2. Why are they gathering?
  3. What is their goal?
  4. When will the event take place
  5. Where will the event take place?

These are the big picture generators that can provide the complete framework for your event. Once you’ve nailed down these key elements, you can start focusing on the details that will bring life to your corporate events.

2. Lists

Make your list; then check it twice. Or, as carpenters would advice: measure twice, cut once. As a corporate event planner, always plan and prepare in a carerul, thorough manner before you take action.

Your event’s planning list should be like a general’s war plan – thoughtful preparation for multiple skirmishes unfolding over a series of days. Arm yourself by grouping your To Do’s on the day you hope to achieve them for optimal organization. Whatever you can do one day ahead, mark for that day. Same goes for one week ahead, one month ahead or even one year ahead. Successful corporate event plans also make provision for brainstormed contingencies and plan B’s. Whether it’s food prep, décor, basic planning or consulting with clients, careful attention to and execution of details will result in all around high fives.

3. What’s the story?

Here’s where the details come into play. A successful event tells a story. From the invitations to the ambiance to the speaker’s messaging to the entertainment and refreshments, a storyline weaves through the entire event. If you’re hosting themed corporate events, this becomes easier to achieve. However, continuity and synchronicity are just as important with non-themed meetings and activities. In the latter case, the storyline will focus more on activities to have. Will it be sophisticated? Fun? An exciting meeting of the minds? An opportunity to learn and grow as a team? No matter the goal, details can thread this ambiance throughout the event.

4. Attitude is Contagious

Are you an Ameri-can or an Ameri-can’t? Radiate positivity and confidence to energize your team and instill confidence in your clients. Negativity, naysaying, and doomsday-ing can be much more contagious than an uplifting, cheerful, supportive attitude. Even if you feel over your head and in the weeds, start each conversation with a smile, a listening ear and self-assured eye contact. Woody Allen famously said “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Make sure that you show up correctly.

5. Deliver

You’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s. Now it’s time to execute your corporate event’s plan without a hitch. Stick to your carefully detailed plan; and if you have a team, remember the 3 Ds of corporate events: Delegate, delegate, delegate. When all else fails, rely on your team to execute tasks big and small. This is an important part of planning and managing a successful event. If enough effort went into planning, your main job may just be to sit back and enjoy watching your ideas come to life and your guests enjoying the experience.

In the Event of Awesomeness

Gone are the days of stale corporate events, conference rooms and day-long monologs. Modern-day industry experts encourage event planners to think outside the box regarding venue space and format. At Moffitt Oaks we offer corporate event planners unique choices as we enable you to combine key audio-visual technology with a retreat-like space. But, best of all, surveyed employees reported higher satisfaction and achievement when a venue incorporates both professionalism and enjoyment. So, boost the success of your event through careful planning and creative venue choices.

Moffitt Oaks is a premier event destination in Houston TX, and our professional event planners have extensive expertise in helping clients plan and execute their events.

Select from our themed all-inclusive packages or contact us for a complimentary consultation to start the conversation about your next corporate event. Even better, call us now for a tour of our beautiful facility – 1.281.370.6616 – and allow our event planners to take the strain out of your next event.

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