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Six benefits to having a wedding planner included in your all-inclusive wedding package

Hiring a wedding planner is not in every bride’s budget and, often times, it’s one of the first cuts made without fully realizing the benefits. Newly engaged couples are busy, which has offered a huge hand in the rising popularity of all inclusive wedding packages in Houston. Taking some of the busy work out of wedding planning is a big plus to having a wedding planner but in reality, wedding planners, especially those associated with all inclusive wedding packages, do so much more.

While the benefits of hiring a wedding planner are endless, here are our top six.

1.  Budget Conscious

Anytime you are spending large amounts of money, it’s nice to have someone who is impartial to help you review contracts and keep a close eye on your budget. As someone with experience planning multiple weddings, a wedding coordinator can often times impart wisdom on areas to splurge and areas to save and to also make sure you aren’t getting over-charged.

2.  Event Setup and Takedown

This alone is worth having a wedding planner! Most all-inclusive wedding packages will have clauses in them covering your event setup and takedown and what a relief that is! It’s even better when there is someone else who is completely in charge of making sure it’s done correctly; someone who has been with you along this planning journey and gets your style, your taste and the feel of atmosphere you are going for. Someone you know can get it right. It is equally important to have someone who knows what your venue clean-up clause says and can make sure you don’t get charged and extra fee for not putting linens in the right spot. One of the best perks about choosing an all-inclusive venue package is that there is an in-house planner who knows exactly what needs to be done and there is very little guess work.

3.  Vendor Coordination

This is both the fun and overwhelming part of planning a wedding. Obviously most brides and grooms want final say in their vendors – and they should! – but one of the major benefits of having a wedding planner is that there is someone there to field calls, set up meetings, handle deliveries and arrivals on the day of and even help make sure you choose the best of the best. If you are working with a venue that offers all-inclusive wedding packages, your package may come with pre-selected vendors, which means, your planner has likely worked with those on the list and can offer sound advice on personalities and quality. Because even though your working with a package, you still want to make sure you will be working with someone you will love!

4.  Wise Counsel

Sometimes making final decisions can be tough. Maybe you are planning on wearing your hair down but you’re getting married in a barn in July. Your wedding planner is there to offer advice and wise counsel on things you may not otherwise have thought of. Did you know that wedding cake should be stored a certain way, delivered at a certain time and kept cool for a period to avoid melting? This is why having a planner is a wise choice. Most all-inclusive packages in Houston come with planning services and many include day of services. If yours does not include day of services, definitely ask what it would take to add this services or consider upgrading your package to fit it in.

5.  Heavy Lifting

We’ve mentioned before in our benefits of choosing an all-inclusive venue that choosing a place with a full staff is a major bonus – having people to do the heavy lifting and hard work while you get beautiful is ideal. But even better than that, having someone to be there to direct will save you the stress of having to check in all day to make sure it’s being done to your specifications.

6. Crowd Control

It may seem rare, or even like the scene from a movie, to have crashers or unwanted guests but it happens. Having someone to help man the crowds is always nice. It leaves you to enjoy your day and leave the drama at the door – literally!

No matter where you choose to get married or if an all-inclusive wedding package is in the cards, considering a wedding planner is always a great step to getting your day as perfect as possible. There are endless benefits to having someone else assist in managing your day…What is your number one reason for wanting a wedding planner? Let us know!

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