Everything You Need to Know about Barn Wedding Venues

Winter is almost over, spring will soon be in the air and wedding planning season is in full swing!

Spring and summer remain the most popular seasons for weddings as there are a myriad of different wedding themes and styles to choose from. One of these is the always popular barn wedding theme. And, as expected, accompanying barn wedding themes are rustic barn wedding venues. In fact, it seems as if barn wedding venues are becoming more popular than ever before. If you have your heart set on a rustic barn wedding or country theme, we have a few tips to help you prep for your very special day.

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Picking a Barn Wedding Venue

Picking a barn wedding venue can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t live in a particularly rural area. It’s no surprise if you live in a major metropolitan area that you may think a romantic rustic barn wedding is out of reach.

But not so fast, think again.

In recent years, barn wedding venues have been popping up in more suburban settings as smaller and former farms are renovated and restored to serve as beautiful rustic wedding venues. A quick online search will help you to identify several lovely venues not too far away. And, when you have compiled your short list, be sure to ask these important questions:

  • Does your barn wedding venue offer full-service amenities?
  • How early can the venue be prepared for the event?
  • What are the weather conditions during that time of the year?
  • Does the venue have central air-conditioning and heat?
  • What services are included in the all-inclusive wedding package?
  • How many hours is the rental for?
  • Are tables and chairs and decorations included?
  • Is the barn wedding venue wheelchair-accessible?
  • Is their ample parking for wedding guests?

Asking these seemingly simple questions can help ensure that your venue is the right fit for your wedding and the people who will be attending it. To ensure your big day goes off without a hitch, make sure you have all these details ironed out before you reach a final decision as to your venue.

What Wedding Packages Exist for Barn Weddings?

Wedding packages are usually unique to each venue and a variety of packages could be available to suit different wedding budgets. Some include tables, chairs, linens, wedding planner and waiter service, while others only include tables and chairs. Decor may be included, but you may also bring your own. Some venues will require you to utilize vendors from an approved vendor list while others allow you to select your own. Therefore, before selecting a venue, take the time to sit down with the venues’ organizing staff and ensure that their wedding package is in-line with your expectations and wedding budget.

Sometimes you may find a venue that does not offer any wedding packages – the only thing included in their price is the rental of the area. In these instances, you’ll need to be prepared to bring in all the services, equipment, vendors, etc. to set up for your big day. Though this option initially may seem to save you some money, make sure you cover the details as you may run into some very costly time suckers and last moment arrangements. For many brides-to-be adding all these details can quickly become overwhelming for a day that already requires a great deal of planning.

Weigh your options carefully. After all, this is the biggest day of your life!

What Should I look for in a Barn Wedding Venue?

This is a very personal decision, and not all barn wedding venues will fit your style and desires. You’ll want to book several venue options to tour before you make a final decision. If you have your heart set on a country theme, make sure the barn has the feel you want, the accessibility you need for your guests and the amenities you need. Find a venue that makes you feel comfortable when you tour it. If the venue doesn’t feel right during your first tour, it most likely wont’ feel right on your wedding day, either.


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