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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – it is so important to choose an all-inclusive wedding venue and Houston wedding planner you can build a relationship with. This will be your go-to person for all things related to your big day, so it’s a wise choice to go with someone you can see yourself forging a relationship with.

Your first meeting with your all-inclusive wedding venue can easily excite and overwhelm any bride, but a good coordinator will help keep you grounded. She will be there to answer your questions and will likely have a list of questions for you to ensure she gets your vision. Coming in prepared with your checklist will help ensure you and your fella walk away with all of your questions answered. We want our brides to be prepared and comfortable every step of the way so we are continuing our series on the most important questions you can ask your potential venue and planner.

1. Let’s get together!

When lining out your plan with your potential planner or venue coordinator, know how much of their time you will be getting. Many packages will come with a certain number of meeting sessions; some will be unlimited. While you may not need ten meetings to plan your wedding, it’s good to know how many you will have and what you need to have prepared for those dates. Will all of your meetings be in person? Do phone calls count as meetings or can you call your planner at any time?

2. Helping Hand

Many all-inclusive wedding venues will offer their own in-house coordinators. While you may want to bring in your own outside coordinator, nobody will know the facility like the in-house staff. If you choose to bring in an outside coordinator, make it clear what you need from each, who is responsible for what and how issues will be handled beforehand.

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3. Busy Body?

Many larger venues will often host more than one event on their property depending on the sizes of weddings. If you are hosting 600 people, it’s likely you can get most event venues to yourself; however, if you are planning a smaller, 75-guest event, you may be sharing the property. Know this ahead of time, but even more importantly, know how many weddings your coordinator will be handling on the day of yours. Will they be running just your event or will they also be coordinating another on the property?

4. What if?

Outdoor ceremonies are wildly popular when planning rustic weddings in Houston. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive venue in Houston to host your event, be sure there is a weather contingency plan. The weather here can be unpredictable and certain seasons or months are known for rain. Should you choose to have any part of your wedding outdoors, make sure that your venue is prepared with a backup plan and that it is a plan you are confident in.

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 5. Let’s Eat!

When using an all-inclusive wedding venue in Houston, you will have a venue charge, but you may also have a minimum charge for food and beverage. Be sure to find out all food and beverage minimums. You will need to know this BEFORE your contracts are signed. If you have an open bar, does that go towards minimum? What about the cake cutting fee? What happens if you do not fulfill the minimum; is there a penalty?

6. Time is of the essence!

We’ve mentioned in our first series the importance of double checking all important dates, but it’s important to be aware of times for your big day. When meeting with your all-inclusive venue, you want to be sure to ask about the timeline for the day of your wedding. Before you order invitations or hire your photographer, know what time you can arrive, what time you will have to be in certain places and what time you will need to vacate the property. This will help you know what time you should start and end your ceremony. It will also help give your DJ a better timeline for the big events like cake cutting and toasts and will give your photographer a more accurate time to be there so you can be sure to get all of the photos you want. A list of very general times can really help you when you get to planning the minute-by-minute events of the day.

7. Get answers about all-inclusive venues

What are the questions you need answered from your all-inclusive venue? Leave us a question in the comments section and we may just answer it with a blog of its own!

We would love to help you get started planning your big day. Choosing the right venue will set the tone for your whole day – from the invitations to the dress, this is the place to get started. We would love to show you what Moffitt Oaks has to offer and help answer some of those questions you may have. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary tour and visit with one of our Moffitt Oaks coordinators.

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