Tips For The Perfect Houston Wedding Reception



Your wedding reception is a once-in-a-lifetime event that requires careful planning and creativity. Selecting the right Houston wedding venues can be a solid first step toward achieving the perfect ceremony and wedding reception for your special day. Here are seven ways to make your Houston wedding reception something special for you and your guests.

1. Enlist in Professional Help

Working with an established Houston wedding planner can help you manage all aspects of your reception efficiently and without undue stress on your part. Your wedding planner can help you decide on a stunning venue for your reception and can handle all the little details to ensure that your special day goes smoothly and according to plan.

 2.  Let the Music Play

Choosing the right music can set the mood for fun and celebration. While you may not be able to choose every song on your band’s or DJ’s playlist, letting them know about family favorites and special requests can ensure that your reception offers a little something for everyone in the musical arena. Do not micromanage your band or DJ, however; the experience and knowledge of these musical professionals can ensure the right atmosphere for every phase of your wedding reception.

3.  Kid Around

Making special arrangements for children attending your wedding and reception can ensure that even the youngest guests have a good time at your celebration. This can provide added peace of mind for older attendees as well, allowing them to enjoy the festivities more fully. Setting aside a special area where younger children can enjoy food, fun and games under close supervision can also highlight the family-friendly atmosphere for your gala event.

4.  Keep Things Cool

Climate control should be a priority when planning your wedding reception in Houston. Choosing an air-conditioned venue or cool zones for outdoor weddings can ensure that your guests stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days and evenings. This simple step can make a real difference in the success of your wedding reception, especially during the summer months.

5.  Bring on the Food

Finding the right caterer for your wedding reception can ensure that your guests enjoy these festive events. Be sure to plan for at least two passes of the appetizer trays before the main event. This will ensure that your guests mix and mingle during the early part of your reception. Including a vegetarian option and a few kid-friendly dishes can provide added comfort for those with special dietary restrictions and children with picky palates. In most cases, a buffet-style catering arrangement with servers can allow your guests to select their own favorites from your reception menu for a more informal and fun atmosphere.

6.  Expand Your Horizons

Opting for an indoor-outdoor venue or multiple venues in the same complex can provide you with added flexibility when arranging for dancing, drinks and dining. This can also ensure that your wedding reception can be held rain or shine. Finding a Houston-area location with a variety of venue choices can provide you with the most beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and reception while ensuring that a back-up plan is in place if the weather fails to cooperate with your primary plan.

7.  Lounge Around

Setting up a lounge area can allow guests who are not up to dancing to mingle with others in a casual setting. This can provide greater comfort for older relatives and family friends and can provide a natural gathering spot for guests throughout your reception.

At Moffitt Oaks, we offer all-inclusive Houston wedding venues that suit your personal style perfectly. Our complex encompasses six beautiful venues that can be combined to deliver the most memorable wedding day experience possible. From a rustic sunset wedding at the Arbor or the Cantina to the elegant ambience of the Barn at Moffitt Oaks, we can make your dreams of the perfect ceremony and reception come true. Call us today at 281-370-6616 to schedule a tour with us. We look forward to sharing this special day with you and your family.

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