Making the Choice | Rustic Barn Wedding Venues in Houston

Rustic barn wedding venues in Houston are frequently associated with brides who want their weddings to reflect their own unique style and also allow their wedding guests to kick back, relax and have fun. Therefore, as a bride-to-be, when picking your perfect rustic barn wedding venue, use these tips to find the perfect site for you and your friends and family.

5 Tips to Help You Choose Between Rustic Barn Wedding Venues in Houston

1. Check Out the Amenities

Rustic Barn Wedding Venues in Houston

When you think about rustic barn wedding venues in Houston, you think broad side barns, antique wooden rafters, and an elegant but understated interior. But sometimes the beauty of a venue can blind you to the logistical problems with a venue. Some of the questions you need to ask:

  1.  Where are the bathrooms for guests?
  2. Is there a separate bride and groom suite available to get changed?
  3. Is heat or air-conditioning an option?
  4. Will there be enough parking for all the quests?

Remember, not only do you want a beautiful venue, you also need a functional one for the comfort of you and your guests. So, take a step back and think of your ceremony and reception and how each venue fits your functional needs.

2. Focus on Flexibility 

In a perfect world, all wedding days would be seventy degrees and sunny with a slight breeze…

Rustic Barn Wedding Venues in Houston

In the real world, even careful planning can’t eliminate the chance of rain, wind, or drastic temperature changes. Regardless of the weather, you should have the wedding day of your dreams so it’s important when choosing your rustic barn wedding venue to ensure that the venue has the flexibility to accommodate weather of all kinds, from wild wind to scorching temperatures. When you consider staging for different types of weather you’ll notice that some venues shine in even the worst of conditions. Ask your wedding planner or the venue staff to describe the ceremony and reception under different weather conditions to determine whether the venue is flexible enough to deliver an amazing day, no matter the weather.

3. Ask About Their All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Rustic Barn Wedding Venues in Houston

All inclusive wedding packages are a great way to minimize the stress of planning your wedding without compromising your unique vision for your wedding day. An all inclusive package reduces the stress caused by planning a wedding as it can take care of most of the items on your wedding checklist – so you can focus on creating a unique experience for your guests!

Most premier event venues offer the services of an event coordinator, wedding planner, caterer, DJ, and even a stylist to ensure that you get to enjoy your special day without all the hustle and bustle of setting it up. Talk to the venue staff about the packages they offer – many premier event venues offer an array of packages that provide as much or as little as you desire. Make sure you select an event venue that fits your specific needs.

4. Rustic Barn Wedding Venues and Eco-Friendliness

Rustic Barn Wedding Venues in Houston

It is not uncommon anymore for brides to ask if a wedding venue is also an eco-friendly location. Rustic barn wedding venues usually excel at eco-friendliness as these locations thrive on showing off the beauty of the local environment and make use of local vendors. Using local vendors is a great way to keep transportation emissions to the minimum as well as support the local economy. Using the services of digital photographers is another way of supporting our environment as digital photos don’t use the harsh chemicals, wasted paper, and rolls of film that film photography does. Another plus is brides get to choose exactly what images they want printed.  Make sure to ask your potential wedding venues about what they do to be eco-friendly venues.

5. Local Accommodations

While the focus of the wedding is the bride and groom, part of the fun is having your loved ones around you. Whether it’s a great-grandparent or a pet, you want to make sure that everyone special in your life can comfortably attend your wedding and reception.

When choosing between the rustic barn wedding venues on your shortlist, it’s important to factor in what nearby accommodations are available to visiting friends and family, especially for those with limited mobility for whom wheelchair ramps and easy access to bathrooms will be important.

In the End

From the tips above it’s clear you need the rustic barn wedding venues on your shortlist to be more than just a beautiful site. What other questions do you have on your list? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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