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So you’ve decided on an elegant affair for your wedding day. But with that being said, are you thinking “simply stated” elegance? Something a little more “over-the-top”, infusing some glamour and glitz? Or maybe something in between? The right answer is: whatever suits you and your partner because this is YOUR wedding, one of the biggest milestones of your lives.

How to use elegant wedding decorations to design your special day:


Whether you have recorded music or hire live musicians to perform, it’s important to set the mood as your guests arrive. This allows them time to settle in, meet other guests in attendance, and anticipate your celebration. It also gives you and your wedding party a few moments to finish getting ready and make your grand entrance.

You’ll want to establish a particular area in advance for the music to be played, and dress it up with some elegant wedding decorations. How elaborate you get depends on if you will be using the same source of music for your ceremony; but usually, some large bouquets of flowers, slip-covered chairs to coordinate with your wedding colors, and appropriate lighting will add just the right touch to enhance your style.

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As for the type of music you choose, this is not the time for a Rock-a-Billy band, but rather something like a stringed quartet playing classical pieces or perhaps smooth jazz. You’ve probably seen weddings where the only musical sounds are coming from a beautiful harp. Depending on your ceremony site, perhaps you prefer an organ, flutes or chimes. Just remember, you want to create a pleasant sense of calm and hear soothing sounds in the background while your event is getting started.

At the Ceremony

If you decide to exchange vows in a traditional church, small floral arrangements or large ribbons in your wedding colors adhered to the end of the pews facing the aisle are perfect elegant wedding decorations you can opt for. If you will be getting married outdoors, or in a separate indoor location, take note of the view from your guests’ perspective as well as the photographer’s. Remember, all photos and video from the ceremony will show who and what is in the background. To capture the wedding you’ve dreamed of, you’ll want to make sure that there is nothing unsightly that may sneak into the elegant scene you are creating.

Artwork on the walls of an indoor structure should complement your style and color palette, or if you are outside for this portion of your wedding day, the natural setting should also enhance your elegant style. Nature can be a most excellent backdrop, just add floral bouquets, candles, twinkling lights (if you’re hosting an evening event), attractive chairs, or an arbor to frame you and your betrothed. Another elegant wedding decoration to consider is a traditional runner matching your special colors, or a row of flower petals already sprinkled down the aisle to lead the way for you and your bridal party.

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elegant wedding decorations houston

elegant wedding decorations houston

At the Reception

Once you and your fiancé have become one, it’s time to gather for the party. To continue your elegant wedding style, you probably instantly think table décor.

You will be deciding how many people, how many tables, and where you will seat everyone. But the elegant wedding decorations you choose for centerpieces are paramount to carrying out the feel of elegance. For this, we tend to think of crystal, mirrors, floating candles or gorgeous flowers atop creamy linen table cloths, and set with gold or silver place settings. With these, you’ll cast a warm, romantic glow around the room or reception area. Remember you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table and talk, so designing either a low arrangement or one that stands very tall, above the eye level of your seated guests, would be the wise choice.

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And what about the head table? Everyone who has come in your honor would love to be able to see you during your reception, so try to arrange the bridal party table, or at the very least, a newlywed table in a spot that allows you to look out at your guests and them to catch a glimpse of you. You don’t want to have any table décor blocking your view. Perhaps add a little personalization and polish with matching silk or satin chair covers showing off the new couple: Mr. and Mrs. You could even include something special, just for the two of you, with silver keepsake forks: definitely elegant wedding decorations that symbolize your union while contributing a little more panache to the occasion.

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The internet, bridal/wedding magazines, and specialized television shows are rich with ideas to help you visualize and design your elegant wedding. We hope that we’ve helped get your creative juices flowing as you begin to plan your big event.

Decorations can be found in the numerous online shops or cute neighborhood boutiques. And of course, tutorials are available with a quick search on DIY elegant wedding decorations for those of you who enjoy making things yourself.

If you’d like assistance in planning your wedding, we’d be glad to hear from you. Our professional wedding coordinators have years of experience and tips to share to help bring your dream to life. Do not hesitate to schedule a complimentary tour of Moffitt Oaks’ elegant wedding venues, we’d love to meet you!

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