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Make sure you get those must-have photos at your Rustic Barn Wedding!

Planning a wedding is so about the details. There is such a lot to think about; from who sits where to what to serve to which linens to choose… It’s all so much! Not to forget your barn wedding photography – it is one of the most important aspects of capturing your dream day. It’s more than choosing someone who can take a good picture. It’s about whose style reflects your own, who has a price point that fits your needs and what you are getting with your package. All of the details are so important to consider when choosing your photographer, but another aspect that you should plan out ahead of time is that handful of specific photos you don’t want to miss out on.

Houston Wedding Photographers Photographer: Corey David Photography

With Your People

In the hustle and bustle of your big day, some things are bound to be overlooked. When you look back on your day, make sure you were able to get photos of you and your bridesmaids and that your hubby gets some with his boys. This may seem obvious but can’t tell you how often this gets overlooked by wedding photographers who are trying to capture your every moment. Browse Pinterest for examples and find some photos that reflect you and your ‘maids and ask your photographer to try to create similar images for you. Make sure you have some getting ready, in your dresses and getting down on the dance floor. Have fun with your wedding photography.

Houston Wedding Photographers                 Photographer: Leighanne Herr Photography

Capture the Love

Make sure you capture some special moments with your new groom. A big trend in weddings over the last few years is for brides and grooms to give each other a first look. Meeting before the ceremony, just the two of you with your wedding photographer, taking a special moment to share a moment of peace and love before the madness of your wedding day goes into full swing. Another option, if you are a dame of tradition, is to take a moment after the ceremony. Typically, after your ceremony, you will take photos with your bridesmaids and groomsmen and other family members before heading to the reception. It is worth it to extend your cocktail hour by 15-30 minutes and take a bit of time to get some photos of you and your groom right after your I Do’s. You’ll love having them to look back on. The new bride glow and the groom in love will be photos you are sure to cherish!

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The Gang

You know that group of guys your husband grew up with? Maybe the ones that didn’t make the cut to be groomsmen but they are still important? What about that first group of girls you lived with in college? Get pictures with those people! Ask your photographer to remind you during the ceremony. Or even put a few of your friends in charge of making sure you all get pictures together. Sure, this day is about you and your groom, but everyone you love will come out for your wedding day. You won’t regret having pictures with them!

Houston Wedding Photographers        Photographer: Designs by Karinda 

Your Parents

Take a minute with those closest to you to take photos. Get a picture with your dad right before he walks you down the aisle, or your mom when she’s adjusting your veil. Make sure your new husband gets great photos with his parents as well. Most siblings take part in the wedding day, but be sure to include photos with them as well.

Houston Wedding PhotographersPhotographer: Designs by Karinda 

Something Unique

Many rustic barn wedding venues will have some unique feature to them. Be it large hay bails, a beautiful shimmering lake, a horse stall, large barn doors, or the charm of the interior, showcasing its beauty – whatever that unique feature is, be sure to get some photos that include it.

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Ready to get planning? Moffitt Oaks provides a scenic rustic barn venue that you must see! It is the perfect backdrop for photos and the best setting for your wedding. Give us a call or fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our expert wedding planners will be happy to set up a complimentary tour.

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